The May 6 launch of Carleton’s new Learning Management System (LMS), Brightspace by D2L, was a great success. With the arrival of June, instructors, students and teaching assistants have been using the new system for almost a month now. As early summer courses start to wrap up, we continue to plan for future terms and support the Carleton community as you navigate the new system.

Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 Academic Course Shells are Ready

If you’re teaching in September or next January, you can now begin your course setup. Start setting up your course directly within your course shell or reach out to Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) for help with copying any content from your sandbox. Courses cannot be taught from a Brightspace sandbox, but any content you’ve created there can easily be copied to the academic course shell. If you need assistance moving or setting up content, please complete the Course Consultation Request Form.

Zoom is Fully Integrated with Brightspace

Zoom can now be added directly inside your Brightspace course modules and submodules. Carleton has secured an enterprise license for Zoom Pro accounts for all instructors and teaching assistants.

You can log in directly to the Zoom portal using your MyCarletonOne (MC1) credentials or access Zoom in Brightspace under the External Learning Tools. See the Zoom in Brightspace support page for more information about setting up Zoom.

Training is available. Sign up for Zoom for Brightspace and Getting Started with Zoom to learn how to start web conferencing inside your course. For support and assistance, email

Extensive Brightspace Support is Available

Looking for help with your Brightspace course development? There are a variety of supports available:

  • Carleton’s Brightspace Support sitehas instructions and information for instructors, TAs and students.
  • D2L Brightspace Support is available 24/7/365 to answer your questions via phone, chat and email from the help menu in your Brightspace course navbar.
  • Course consultations are available by request using the Course Consultation Request Form. Connect with TLS for direct support, advice and ideas for your course design.
  • TLS staff are standing by to assist. If you need help with your course technology, submit your request to the TLS Support Portal to connect with the team.

Training Opportunities are Available

A wide variety of training sessions are available to get you acquainted with Brightspace this summer. Sign up for a training session or watch previously recorded sessions on the TLS Brightspace channel.

If you’re looking to see what’s possible in the new LMS, visit the Discover tab in Brightspace to self-enrol in a TLS sample courses. Explore your options in the Brightspace Tools course, navigate a course layout in the Brightspace Example Course or engage in self-paced exploration in the Brightspace Basics Online course.

TLS has also created a variety of resources you may want to share with your students, including the Brightspace Student Support site and the TLS Brightspace channel for students, which features video tutorials on general navigation, taking quizzes and submitting assignments. Your students will want to know how to navigate your specific course as well. Introduce them to the layout and structure through a course overview at the start of term.

TLS is here to support your course needs this summer and beyond. Whether you need help with adding Zoom to your course, moving your course content or learning how to use the system, connect with us.