Are you ready to teach your winter D2L Brightspace course? We’ve prepared a pre-term checklist to help you get everything set up, as well as a list of recent updates to the learning management system to help you stay on top of the latest features and their impact to you.

Preterm checklist

What’s new with Brightspace?

  • Basic TA roles will be updated to remove access to quiz questions outside of grading: The basic TA role can no longer access question libraries, preview quizzes, see statistics or manage reports. You can review the complete list of updated permissions and access restrictions here.
  • Sections will be turned off in courses: Students will no longer be able to see their section in a course via the Groups page. They will still be able to see section information in the registrar’s system.
  • Access Ventus directly from within Brightspace: Instructors can now navigate directly to Ventus from within Brightspace via the JumpTo menu. The Ventus Faculty Portal allows instructors to book tests and exams, upload exam copies, and view letters of accommodation for all PMC students in their course(s) in a single place. For more information and support, visit the Ventus Help website.

You can learn more about the latest updates to the learning management system on our What’s New with Brightspace page. If you have any questions or would like to meet with TLS staff for assistance with your course design and setup, please submit your request through the TLS Support Portal.