1. Brightspace Support Information

Staring at a blank course shell can be daunting. Teaching and Learning Services has compiled these resources to help get you started building an engaging course on Brightspace.

Some of the resources you’ll find on this page include links to self-enrollment example courses, quick build resources such as templates, Brightspace support information and a video tour of Brightspace interface.

To get more familiar with Brightspace, start with these resources:

If you have any difficulty enrolling in any of these courses or viewing any of the resources, please submit a support ticket.

Watch the video below for a brief overview of Carleton’s supported EdTech tools:

Course Setup Guides

  • Brightspace Course Setup Checklist: Use the Course Setup Checklist as a guide to building the basics of your course. You’ll find the main course elements you need listed with links to instructional support pages.
  • Brightspace Course Pre-Launch Checklist: Finished setting up your course and thinking of making it active? Use this simple checklist to make sure all the components of an engaging, well-designed course are available for students.
  • Brightspace Glossary: Finding the new terminology of Brightspace confusing? Visit the Brightspace Glossary for some definitions and explanations of the new lingo.
  • Brightspace Migration page:  Interested in using existing course content from cuLearn in a Brightspace course? Visit our Migrations support page for helpful links and resources to help you get started.

Brightspace Support Information

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