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Basics – who can get a Campus Card?


You are eligible as soon as you are registered in any course(s) for the current or upcoming term.


Should contact Carleton Alumni at to receive a card by mail. If you are actively visiting campus, you may visit the Campus Card office directly instead.

Faculty and Staff

Before coming to the Campus Card Office, please check whether you are ready to pick up your card! We are unable to create a card until you are properly set up in Banner.

  1. Log in to Carleton Central.
  2. Navigate to the “Employee Services” page.
  3. Select “CampusCard Availablity Check”.

Not all staff and faculty will immediately be eligible for a Campus Card. If you have accepted a casual or term position and require a card to access spaces where a card reader is installed, please see “Affiliates” below.

Grant appointees, Adjunct Professors, and Research Associates do not receive a Campus Card. You can arrange for library access directly with the library by presenting a letter of introduction from their sponsor or department. There is no access to the Athletics facility available for these appointees unless the sponsor or department pays the fee structure as directed by Athletics. If payment is made, then an Athletics access card is prepared by Athletics.


Employees who are not entitled to a staff card, but require access to labs and buildings where a card reader is installed, will need to apply for an affiliate card with Campus Safety Services annually. Please note that if you are also a Carleton alumnus/a you will instead receive an Alumni card (see above).