What is COOP1000?

*Please note that COOP1000 is not required for Graduate Students*

COOP1000 is a 6 module, 8-week, online course designed to assist students entering co-op for the first time with requisite employability skills including:

  • Identifying and marketing your skills and achievements
  • Writing effective resumes and cover letters
  • Preparing for successful industry specific interviews
  • Planning and executing a successful independent job search and
  • Transitioning from school to the world of work, professional ethics and safety

Course Schedule

COOP1000 begins two semesters prior to your first work term. For example, if you are going out to work for the summer (i.e., May –August) you must take COOP1000 no later than the previous fall semester. COOP1000 is offered in both the Fall and Winter terms. The timing for taking this course is dependent on your discipline and when your first work term is scheduled.

Please note that students must have applied to co-op directly from high school or via our website by the proper deadline in order to receive permission to register in COOP1000. Only those who have been emailed by the Program Administrator to confirm they still meet the eligibility to participate in the program will be given access to register in the course. This will take place by early August for the Fall offering of COOP1000, and by late January for the Winter session.

Once a student has been given permission to register in COOP1000 the first of four co-op admin fees will be applied to their account. All students are required to pay the non-refundable admin fees for participation in the program. These fees do not guarantee the student will secure a work term. These fees provide each student with access to all the available resources, workshops, and advising necessary to assist each student in securing a work term. If a student is not able to secure a position within any given work term, the work term fee will not be charged.

For more details about when your first work term will take place, please link to your pre-determined work-study pattern.

Fall: The fall term of COOP1000 is intended for student whose first Co-operative Education work term will take place in the summer.

Winter: The winter section of COOP1000 is ONLY intended for students who plan on completing their first co-op work term in the fall or following winter based on their pre-determined work-study pattern.

Course Evaluation

During COOP1000, you will work through 6 modules. Each of the 6 modules for COOP1000 has associated assignments and quizzes that MUST be completed and passed in order to obtain a satisfactory grade (SAT) in the course. You will have 8 weeks to complete the course requirements.

COOP1000 will be graded as SAT or UNS. To complete COOP1000 with a SAT, you must:

• Successfully complete all 6 learning modules

• Complete and pass all assignments and quizzes associated with each module.

Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory performance in an ungraded program requirement or option has no impact on the CGPA calculation. However, students must be aware that if they are receiving academic scholarships, a grade of Unsatisfactory (UNS) may negatively impact continued eligibility for the scholarship. For more details about this regulation, please contact the Awards Office directly.