At the beginning of each work term, students will be registered in their appropriate work term course. Registration in the course will result in a work term fee being applied to their accounts. Students will be notified when this has taken place. All Co-op fees are paid via Carleton Central, which is the same as any other academic course. The main deliverables for each work term include the site visit or email check-in, the Work Term Report, and the end-of-term evaluation.

Course Registration While on a Work Term

While on a work term, in addition to the Co-op Work Term course, students may register in one half-credit (0.5) academic course (unless otherwise approved). The course must be outside of regular working hours. Course registration will be monitored.

Site Visit and Email Check-ins

Each Co-op student will receive one in-person site visit during their first work term. All Co-op students will receive check-in emails for all subsequent work terms. Students do not need to wait for a site visit or check-in email to get in touch with their Co-op Student Advisor if they have any questions or concerns. Students should check their Cmail accounts throughout their work terms for more information.

Work Term Reports

At the end of each work term, students are required to submit a Work Term Report. The Work Term Report is the main deliverable for the work term and will require students to reflect on the experience at work and what they learned. The specific guidelines for the Work Term Report will be found in the work term course in Brightspace.

Before a work term report is submitted via Brightspace, all Co-op students are also required to have their supervisor review their report and then submit the Work Term Report Release Confirmation found in the work term course in Brightspace.

End-of-Term Co-op Student Evaluation

At the end of each work term, the Co-op student’s supervisor will complete an end-of-term co-op student evaluation. This evaluation is the student’s chance to receive feedback on his or her performance as an employee, and to discuss this feedback detail with his or her supervisor. These work term evaluations are designed to further a student’s personal development and increase his or her potential employability and workplace success in the future. The end-of-term co-op student evaluation will be sent directly to all supervisors near the end of the work term.