Do Employees’ Workplace Leadership Experiences Influence Romantic Partners? Workplace Leadership and the Work-Family Interface

Academic Abstract: This research investigates the extent to which the behaviors of the leaders in employees’ work lives serve to influence the psychological, physical, and romantic relationship well-being of those employees’ romantic partners. Study 1 surveyed a sample of 243 individuals and investigated their perceptions of their romantic partners’ experiences of abusive supervision and laissez-faire leadership at work, as well as romantic relationship outcomes. Replicating and extending upon these findings with 121 employee-romantic partner dyads, Study 2 explored the extent to which employees’ experience of abusive supervision and laissez-faire leadership, mediated through the employees’ general health and affected closeness with their romantic partners, influenced their relationship with their romantic partners, as well as their well-being. Taken together, results from both studies suggested romantic partners of employees are influenced by the leadership their employed partner experiences in the workplace. Future research and implications are discussed.

Keywords: Work-life interface; Romantic Relationships; Workplace leadership; Abusive supervision; Laissez faire leadership; Well-being

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Amanda McEvoyChelsie Smith, Kathryne Dupré