Photo of Kate Dupré

Kate Dupré

Associate Professor

Degrees:Ph.D. (Queen's)
Office:A515 Loeb

Research Interests

Dr. Kathryne Dupré is an associate professor in organizational psychology.  Dr. Dupré received her doctor of philosophy (PhD) in organizational behaviour from Queen’s University (Kingston, ON), her master of science (MSc) in industrial/organizational psychology from Saint Mary’s University (Halifax, NS), and her bachelor of arts with honours (BAH) in psychology from Queen’s University (Kingston, ON).  She teaches organizational psychology and occupational health psychology courses at graduate and undergraduate levels.

Dr. Dupré’s research focuses on healthy work, safety and well-being.  She is interested in the personal and familial experiences of workplace safety and injuries, how the work-life interface affects personal and organizational outcomes, leadership and well-being, workplace aggression and mistreatment, young employees, and the experience of bridge employment.  Across these areas of research, she aims to contribute to understanding employment such that health and well-being are promoted and enhanced.

Dr. Dupré’s research is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Sample List of Publications

Smith, C. J., Dupré, K. E., & Dionisi, A. M. (2022). Sexual misconduct reporting: the silencing effects of hegemonic masculinity. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal.

Mazumdar, B., Warren, A. M., Dupré, K. E., & Brown, T. (2022). Employment expectations: Examining the effect of psychological contract fulfillment on bridge employees’ personal and work attitudes. Personnel Review.

Dionisi, A. M., Smith, C. J., & Dupré, K. E. (2022). Weathering the storm alone or together: Examining the impact of COVID‐19 on sole and partnered working mothers. Journal of Community Psychology.

Lyubykh, Z., Dupré, K. E., Barling, J., & Turner, N. (2021). Retaliating Against Abusive Supervision with Aggression and Violence: The Moderating Role of Organizational Intolerance of Aggression. Work & Stress, 1-19.

Smith, C. J., Han, Y., Dupré, K. E., & Sears, G. J. (2021). Perceived organizational support and its interaction with voice on police officers’ organizational cynicism, stress and emotional exhaustion. Policing: An International Journal.

Tulk, C., Mantler, J., & Dupré, K. E. (2021). The impact of job accommodations on stereotyping and emotional responses to coworkers with anxiety or depression. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science/Revue canadienne des sciences du comportement53(2), 138-151.

Mantler, J., Campbell, B., & Dupré, K. E. (2021). Jobs, careers, and callings: Exploring work orientation at mid-career. Journal of Career Development, 49(5).

Smith, C. J., Dupré, K. E., McEvoy, A., & Kenny, S. (2021). Community perceptions and pro-environmental behavior: The mediating roles of social norms and climate change risk. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science/Revue canadienne des sciences du comportement53(2), 200.

Ivey, G. W., & Dupré, K. E. (2020). Workplace Mentorship: A Critical Review. Journal of Career Development, 49(3).