Introducing Designed Biologics Inc
Building a New Class of Peptide Drugs


Dr. Ashkan Golshani (pictured left) with Dr. Frank Dehne

Dr. Frank Dehne, Chancellor’s Professor in the School of Computer Science and Director of Carleton’s Institute for Data Science has teamed up with Dr. Ashkan Golshani, Associate Professor in the Department of Biology to found Designed Biologics Inc. Incorporated in January 2016, Designed Biologics Inc is dedicated to the development of a new class of drug peptides, which are very small in size (30 to 75 amino acids), and have designed binding properties that target pharmaceutically valuable proteins.

Full news article: “Cross-discipline Carleton Team to Design Groundbreaking Protein-based Drugs

Combining molecular interaction analytics with high performance computing, Designed Biologics Inc architects new small proteins for the treatment of human diseases and diagnostics. The company’s new smart biologics target traditionally undruggable targets and focus on alternative binding characteristics to engage novel disease fighting mechanisms. For more information, please visit:


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