The Institute for Data Science hosted its annual Data Science and Data Analytics Poster Competition during Data Day 5.0 on June 5, 2018.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event and congratulations to our winners!

Poster Competition Award Winners

Data Day Award Winners:

1st Place: “Heterogeneous Multi-band Multi-user Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Spectrum Analytics in IoT Systems” by Anastassia Gharib

2nd Place: “IoT for Enhanced Campus Security and Safety” by Hooseon Yim, Kenan El-Gaouny, Majeed Mirza, Mohammed Al-Digs, Mohammed Omar Khan, Reda Hachem and Zied Bouida.

3rd Place: “Performing Data Analytics on the Edge for Remote Patient Monitoring” by Amarjit Singh Dhillon

Statistical Society of Ottawa (SSO) Award Winners:

1st Place: “Using Big Data in Computational Electroneurophysiological Modelling to Uncover the Pathophysiology of Concussion and Pain in the Brain”  by Derrick Buchanan

2nd Place: “Applying Data Preprocessing Methods to Predict Premature Birth” by Alana Esty

SSO Poster Award Winners

More about the Statistical Society of Canada…

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