It is finally summer, a hot and steamy summer here in Ottawa. Our students are spending time away at conferences, doing research, and some might even be enjoying a trip to the beach!  For me, the summer is already standing out as different from past summers – we have the pleasure of hosting the first of two post-doctoral fellows in ICSLAC.  Dr. Melissa Otis arrived in June so please introduce yourself to her the next time you are on campus. Her work is primarily focussing on Iroquoian and Algonquian peoples histories in the 19th and 20th centuries. She will be joined by a second fellow in September (more on her arrival later!). We also have a visitor from the University of Edinburgh — Carleton University alumni, Kaitlin McCormick is visiting us for the summer as she finishes her final draft of her PhD thesis.

We can’t forget our Cultural Mediations students who have been working in the seminar room – sometimes having a little company and peer review is a great incentive to keep that thesis writing moving.  Drop in anytime from 9:30 – 4:30, Monday to Thursday. If any Digital Humanities students are currently working on a thesis or major research paper, feel free to drop in as well. As always, the coffee pot is ready to go and we will all help to keep you motivated.  The first year successfully finished their Comprehensive I exams and there are a number of students preparing for their Comprehensive II exams. With the second option for Comp II currently on trial, reading lists and approval forms are on a lot of minds these days!

And, of course, Dr. Sarah Casteel’s move to 201 St. Patrick’s is now complete and she will be getting to know all of you over the next few months. As our incoming Graduate Supervisor, if you haven’t met Dr. Casteel yet, you will want to make the effort soon.  You will find her in Room 201J. I will be asking for updated research profiles soon to help Dr. Casteel learn more about you so watch for that request or better yet, send me an update whenever you can!

Dr. Ming Tiampo was renewed for a further two years as the Director of ICSLAC – congratulations, Ming! We’re lucky to have you!

It’s time for a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Paul Théberge who recently stepped down as Graduate Supervisor for ICSLAC and to Professor Emeritus, Christopher Faulkner for his support of our Cultural Mediations students over the past years and I know the words thank you seem small as both of them have given us all so much and yet the words are heartfelt from me!  We will find an opportunity to publicly thank them for their service to ICSLAC in the next few months. You will still find Paul Théberge in room 201G as he embraces his new role as Assistant Director of Music for SSAC and we’re very happy to have him nearby.

At spring convocation, we were able to celebrate our new PhDs, Dr. Anna Khimasia and Dr. Owen Lyons!  Congratulations from all of us for all of your hard work over the years.