If you are new to our PhD in Cultural Mediations, there are many resources for you online so if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact me at Dawn Schmidt for help! We will be hosting our incoming student orientation for first year students on Tuesday, September 6th at Bakers, University Centre, 4th floor at 8:30 am for breakfast. Please save this date.

There are some really amazing resources on Carleton’s website for graduate students and faculty – such as this site for the required forms and policies for Graduate Students, and this site for all the dates that are important and relevant to you. If you want to apply for travel funding for a conference or research trip (or review the policy around this funding) or you are ready to submit receipts for reimbursement after you have received an award, these links are all helpful!

If you are interested in Directed Reading course – there is a form for that. You can find it here. Please submit it along with a reading list attached and fully approved and signed by you, the Study Director of the reading course with all the relevant information completed such as the topic, the description of the course content and the course code (CLMD 6901).

And, if you are interested in submitting the documentation for your Comprehensive Exam II (CLMD 6908) – there is also a form for that! You can find the form here. Please submit this along with the expected date for your exam, your program field and your bibliography a few weeks before you hope to start your examination. If your advisors can print their names below their signatures, this is helpful as well!

There are some really amazing resources on Carleton’s website for graduate students and faculty! Here are just a few:

If there is other information that you would like to see highlighted/explained or discussed in a future blog post, please send me an email.