It appears as though every blog entry I write starts with the phrase, “so much is happening!” And yet, it is true! Carleton recently hosted the Future of the PhD in Humanities conference and I’m very thankful that I was able to attend most of the conference on both days. So many discussions and so much information to process. I wish you could have all been there. Paul Keen, who organized this conference, is a faculty member in the English Literature Department as well as in ICSLAC plus the Associate Dean (Student & Postdoc Affairs) for the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs. He recently spoke about the conference in the FGPA newsletter – you can find his article here. There are so many things to discuss and I know that we will have the chance at some of our events in 2016-17.

I know that we are in the height of conference season. Thanks to travel bursaries from FGPA and additional support from our own coffers, we were able to support 13 PhD students to attend conferences and to do on-site archival research. Overall, between both sources, these 13 students received over $12,000 in funding! Congratulations to everyone who has presented, will present or is currently at Congress presenting! The usual rules apply – only 1 grant per student per academic year (September – August) so if you are planning your conferences for next year, please keep this in mind. You will find links to the funding application here on our own website.

The groundhogs and the pipes and drums of the Ceremonial Guard are all over our end of campus which can only mean one thing: our first year students are busy preparing for their first Comprehensive Exam. Send them a kind word, reassure them and wish them the best. You have this!  We believe in you!

Cermonial Guard

I have tried to reach out to everyone for their annual audit review but if we haven’t met yet, just remember – I’m here in the summer although for the months of June and July my hours will be on Monday – Thursday only.   Send me a note and we can set up a time to meet. I can give you the information you need to know about the ins and outs of the second comprehensive exams, thesis proposal and depositing your thesis plus a few steps in between.

Our incoming class is working on submitting official transcripts and preparing for their first meeting with Sarah Casteel, Graduate Coordinator to determine their course selections for the fall. I hope that you can all remember the excitement of that first meeting to discuss your PhD program!  New faces and new projects always lend excitement to our Institute!

If you are an upper year student and you have not yet registered for the summer semester, you will now have to submit a late registration form to us for approval and submission to FGPA.

One last thing (just in case you are still reading!), most of our returning students have heard my reminder to review your audit to ensure that you are meeting the requirements and the milestones. Please also take the time to review your funding package and when the various awards are distributed. Everyone is expected to maintain registration for the full year, not just September to April so please take the time to review your funding every year as well as your audit. You can do both of these in Carleton Central and if you need help, just call me!

I hoped to have a lovely photo of the Ceremonial Guard marching or at least a groundhog to share with you all but, alas, today was not the day!  Stay tuned and keep in touch. Have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing all of you soon.