Dr. Birgit Hopfener is pleased to invite Carleton University students and faculty, as well as colleagues and friends of the university, to join the weekly series of Looking Together sessions organized as part of her Ruth and Mark Phillips Professorship in Cultural Mediations.

Looking Together constitutes slowing down to see artworks and objects with and through the eyes of peers and colleagues. It is a method of scholarship that privileges thinking together, potentially unsettling naturalized frameworks of meaning-making.

Looking Together sessions will be held virtually throughout the Fall 2021 term on Wednesdays from 1:30-2:30 PM EST. Each session is facilitated by a student from Dr. Hopfener’s graduate seminar, “The Temporal Diversity of Our Time: Pluralizing and Unlearning the Modern Western Temporal Regime.” Students will present a selected artwork, artifact, installation, exhibition, or another object that sparks their interest. Together, participants will examine each object as a starting point for engaging with the temporal heterogeneity of our time and the ways in which it shapes our situated knowledge.

The first Looking Together session is scheduled for September 22nd and will be facilitated by Dr. Hopfener.

If you are interested in joining one or any of the sessions throughout the term, please register by emailing Amy Bruce, Public Programming Coordinator for the Ruth and Mark Phillips Professorship: amy.bruce@carleton.ca. A Zoom link will be provided upon registration.

Schedule for Looking Together sessions:

PDF Schedule

September 22 Birgit Hopfener
Presentation on Yashan series (2017), Yao Huifen, Yao Huiqin, Wu Jian’an
September 29 Ashley Carmichael
Presentation on Walking With Our Sisters (2013-ongoing), walkingwithoursisters.ca
October 6 Makenzie Salmon
Presentation on Principles of Fortitude 1 & 2 (2017), Billie Bond
October 13 Jessica Endress
Presentation on 10 am is When You Come to Me (2006), Louise Bourgeois
October 20 Jennifer Toby
Presentation on The Triumph of Mischief (2007), Kent Monkman
November 3 Victoria Hawco
Presentation on the cave paintings at Lascaux and Cueva de la Pileta
November 10 Sarah Hearn
Presentation on Rooms in the First House, Anna Marie Tendler
November 17 Olivia Musselwhite
Presentation on Four Seasons (2006), Wendy Red Star
November 24 Emily Vilé
Presentation on Barca Nostra (“Our Boat”) (2019), Christoph Büchel
December 1 Mckenzie Holbrook
Presentation on Gravity Road (2020), Jesse Darling