Financial support for graduate students in the Department of Electronics is available in the form of Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant positions, supplemented by scholarships administered by the university. Nearly all full-time graduate students hold Teaching Assistant positions, which typically involve instruction and marking in undergraduate laboratory and problem analysis sessions. This work provides valuable teaching experience for those graduate students wishing to pursue academic careers. Research Assistantships provide payment from research grants for thesis research related to grant objectives.

At present the average level of support is about $21,000 per annum for a Master’s student, and about $25,000 for a Ph.D. student.

Eligible students are encouraged to apply for Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) or Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program (OGS) scholarships.  Downloadable application forms are available at these links.

For those students holding NSERC or OGS postgraduate scholarships, Teaching Assistant positions and supplemental scholarships are provided.

These notes are intended only to provide information on typical graduate student support levels provided by the Department, and in no way constitute an offer of support for individual students. Formal financial offers will be made in writing by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.