Recent research projects completed or underway in the MFF with a link to the faculty member primarily responsible are listed below.

  • Fabrication of silicon-on-insulator CMOS with backgate electrodes for threshold voltage control in low-power circuits. N.G. Tarr
  • Fabrication of heterostructure pMOSFETs using pure pseudomorphic Ge channels.
    (Ge deposition carried out at NRC). N.G. Tarr
  • Development of a process for platinum salicidation of MOSFET source/ drain regions. T.J. Smy
  • Fabrication of pseudomorphic SiGe alloy base HBTs to study bandgap narrowing in heavily-doped SiGe alloy bases. (SiGe deposition carried out at NRC). N.G. Tarr
  • Fabrication of a silicon “optical bench” using Fresnel lenses fabricated by micromachining techniques. B.A Syrett
  • Study of fundamental thin film growth phenomena, in particular the deposition of refractory metals using directed deposition techniques. T.J. Smy
  • Study of boron diffusion through 10 nm gate oxides from in-situ doped p+ poly gates. N.G. Tarr
  • Investigation of high temperature Al reflow and deposition techniques for via/contact filling.
    T.J. Smy
  • Experimental analysis and modeling of dry etching processes for fabrication of small topographies for VLSI and micromachining. T.J. Smy
  • Experimental support of Monte Carlo 2D and 3D modeling of thin film deposition/etching processes for VLSI backend processing using the SIMBAD simulator. T.J. Smy