At the University, portable ladders are used in a wide variety of settings by a number of workers. These situations may include, but are not limited to: changing of light bulbs, ceiling work, or accessing items on a shelving unit.

Unsafe use of ladders can result in serious injuries from falling or if a metal ladder is used, electrical shock. The majority of ladder accidents are a result of improper use of the ladder or its equipment. With the potential for severe injuries it is important to ensure the correct ladder is used at all times and safe usage practices are followed to minimize risk. This standard is based on the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard CAN3-Z11-M81: “Portable Ladders” and the Regulation for Industrial Establishments (RRO 1990, Reg. 851) made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario.

Carleton University has a Ladder Safety Program that outlines the roles and responsibilities of workers and supervisors to ensure workers know the hazards associated with the use of laddders as well as know understand how to properly use, handle, and store ladders in the workplace.

In addition to the our Ladder Safety Program, the Education Safety Association of Ontario (ESAO) has produced some helpful Ladder Safety Sheets:

  1. General Working Safely with Portable Ladders
  2. How to Choose a Portable Ladder
  3. Using an Extenstion Ladder
  4. Using an Step Ladder

Ladder Safety Training

Online training is available for all Carleton employees who use ladders in the course of their work. It is encouraged that all individuals using ladders on campus complete this training course. For more information, visit the Ladder Safety Training page.