Shelter-in-Place/Stay-in-Place should be enacted in a fire emergency only and should only be used if unable to evacuate safely. To shelter-in-place or stay-in-place is to shelter within a safe location indoors. If you are outside when the emergency takes place, proceed to the nearest safe destination site.




SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. Let an authority know right away. Call Campus Safety Services at 613-520-4444 or Ext. 4444 from a Carleton landline.

KNOW THE SAFE AREAS TO SHELTER-IN-PLACE. Identify rooms that can close and have walls from ceiling to floor.

ALERT OTHERS. Make others aware of the situation when sheltering-in-place.


REACT. Find a small room with a closing door and ideally, a window and phone.

SECURE. If possible, seal any cracks around doorways with tape, sheets or clothing dampened with water to minimize smoke from entering.

CONTACT CAMPUS SAFETY SERVICES. Contact Campus Safety Services at 613-520-4444. Provide the Communications Operator with the following information:

  • Indicate that you are staying in place
  • Provide your name and location
  • Provide any information on hazards (i.e. smoke, heat, or flames) that you have noticed
  • Indicate if you have any mobility restrictions or other conditions
  • Indicate if you are with other people and how many there are

Campus Safety Services will provide your information to first responders who will determine the need for assisted evacuation.

DO NOT open or break windows, as smoke could enter your room – hang a brightly coloured object in the window to draw attention.


HELP FIRST RESPONDERS. Provide information if you saw something critical. Remain calm and follow instructions.

SEEK HELP TO COPE WITH TRAUMA. Consider seeking professional help to cope with the long-term effects of trauma.