A fire can be caused by a number of hazards including cooking, electrical shortages/malfunctions, placing combustible items too close to heat sources, failure to properly maintain/clean fuel-rich areas (such as laundry vents), mischief, and arson.


Red background with white text providing immediate actions to take during a fire incident

 DO NOT use elevators.

Leave the area, pull the fire alarm and close the door.

Evacuate the area and proceed to a safe destination site.


KNOW YOUR EXITS. Be familiar with emergency exits, evacuation routes, and safe destination sites for any rooms and buildings that you are attending.

PERSONS REQUESTING ASSISTANCE REGISTRATION. If you wish to self-identify as a person with mobility issues or other disabilities, which may prevent or impede safe evacuation, register for Persons Requesting Assistance Self-Identification. The Carleton University Fire Protection Coordinator will reach out to you to ensure your familiarity with Shelter-in-Place / Stay-in-Place procedures.


ACTIVATE FIRE RESPONSE. If you see smoke or fire, locate the nearest fire pull station while you leave the building/area – activating the building’s fire alarm system.

EVACUATE. As you activate fire response or if you hear the fire alarm sounding, leave the building immediately through the closest emergency exit/route. As you are evacuating do not open any closed door without checking for heat first. Close any open doors behind you. DO NOT use elevators. Proceed to your building’s safe destination site. If you are unable to evacuate for any reason, follow Shelter-in-Place / Stay-in-Place procedures and notify Campus Safety Services.

NOTIFY CAMPUS SAFETY SERVICES. Notify Campus Safety Services at 613-520-4444 or dial 4444 from any university phone, notifying them of the fire or smoke, providing any relevant information such as what you have observed or potential cause of fire/smoke. NOTE: If you discharge a fire extinguisher, you must also contact Campus Safety Services, as the extinguisher will need to be replaced.


REMAIN PATIENT. Do not attempt to re-enter the building – emergency personnel will determine when it is safe to enter. Follow instructions from emergency personnel and await the “all clear” signal.

SEEK HELP TO COPE WITH TRAUMA. Consider seeking professional help to cope with the long-term effects of trauma.