On March 28, 2024, Carleton University held its annual Three Minute Thesis Competition, with a first round held in the morning, followed by an afternoon in which 10 finalists competed for the top prizes.

This year, Biomedical Engineering PhD student Nadia Abzan won the People’s Choice Award for her presentation, Breath of Life, with Environmental Engineering master’s student Lydia Hoffmann and Biomedical Engineering master’s student Tünde Lapohos also being named as competition finalists.

Initially developed by The University of Queensland, Australia, the Three Minute Thesis (or 3MT) is an academic competition that challenges graduate students to communicate the key concepts of their research in a compelling presentation of three minutes or less. Carleton’s 3MT competition first began in 2013.

3MT People’s Choice Award Winner – Nadia Abzan (Breath of Life)

3MT Finalist – Lydia Hoffmann (Coming Together)

3MT Finalist – Tünde Lapohos (Development of a 3D ‘Lung-on-a-Chip’ Model to Understand ECM Asthma Remodelling)

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