Co-operative Education

Real-World Learning

Learning by doing is a rewarding enhancement to your academic studies in the classroom and in laboratories. That is why every undergraduate program within the Faculty of Engineering and Design offers co-operative education (co-op).

Co-op is an educational model that combines academic studies with work experience. It is an opportunity to apply theory to practice and develop a meaningful view of the working world and cultivate an awareness of yourself as a professional. By choosing co-op, you will gain valuable experience in your field of study, develop professional contacts and earn money to help pay for your studies. Applying your knowledge in a real-world setting also helps you build your CV before you graduate.

Students in the co-operative education program will extend their time at university in order to achieve the academic credit to graduate with the co-op option for their degree program.

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Featured Employers

Carleton’s co-operative education program offers outstanding local, national and international opportunities for rewarding, real-world experience in well-known organizations and government agencies. Sharing a city with some of the world’s best tech companies and government laboratories offers excellent opportunities for co-op and internship placements, as well as a high number of prospects for future employment.

The following list of featured employers has been produced to help Carleton students identify potential co-op employers and career options, as well as to give prospective students a glimpse of the employer opportunities available to those choosing to study at Carleton.

Co-op Stories

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