Are you thinking of applying to an engineering or design program at Carleton? Join us at an upcoming event to learn more about our programs, labs and facilities, co-op opportunities, and more!

Teachers and Educators

Bring engineering and design to your grades 7-12 school classroom. Recent Carleton engineering graduates can present to your math, science, physics, careers class or participate in your career fair. Hear about our undergraduate engineering and design programs, co-op and job opportunities, and more.

In-Person Presentations are offered for Ontario classrooms only.

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Virtual Presentations are offered for any class around the world.

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Facilities Tours

Join us in-person or virtually (self-paced or live) to view the Faculty of Engineering and Design’s facilities.

In-Person Tours

Visit your Engineering and Design labs, classrooms, facilities, and services based on your program(s) of interest. Interested in an in-person guided tour hosted by a member of our outreach team? Fill out the form below.

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Virtual Tours

Both our self-guided and live (guided) virtual tours allow you to virtually visit the classrooms, facilities, and services that make up our departments and schools.

Self-guided Virtual Tours: Explore the Engineering and Design Facilities at your own pace, from home.

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Live Virtual Tour: Interested in a guided virtual tour with a member of our outreach team? Fill out the form below.

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"Day in the Life Of" Video Series

The transition from high school to university is an exciting change – an opportunity to pursue your passions, learn new skills, and take the first step in your career journey. But the unknown can also seem intimidating. Where do you begin? Check out our “day in the life of” video series to get a first-hand glimpse of student life in engineering and design at Carleton.

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Future Ravens Coffee Break

Connect with our Outreach Team and get to know the Engineering and Design community by learning more about our programs and resources. We can answer all your questions about what you can expect when you become a future Raven! 


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B.Eng 2019, Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering "I love baking and started a small business during the pandemic"


B.Eng 2021, Aerospace Engineering Stream D: Space Systems and Design "I learned how to build rockets and bake really good chocolate chip cookies while at Carleton"


3rd Year, Electrical Engineering "I am the VP Social of Carleton's Department of Electronics Society, and I love to interact with the Engineering Community!"

More ambassadors coming soon!

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Carleton University’s engineering and design programs prepare students for rewarding careers that are in high demand. By working on invigorating and challenging team projects, learning from expert faculty and being exposed to real-world scenarios, you will develop the knowledge and skills that are highly desired by leading firms and government agencies.

If you are interested in learning more about the Faculty of Engineering and Design’s programs and what makes studying at Carleton the right choice for you attend our upcoming events, meet with our outreach team, browse our resources or contact us at

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