Welcome to the first year of your Bachelor of Engineering studies

We want to ensure you have all of the information you need to have a stellar start to your studies. On this site, you’ll find resources and reminders for you to stay on track during your first year in Engineering.

Course Registration

Instructions for registering for your first year courses.


First Year Supplies

Back to school supplies list for first year engineering.


Summer Checklist

Your checklist of action items for getting ready for Engineering studies.


Eng. Prep Course

Foundations for Engineering will help you review key concepts.


First Year Courses

Information to know about your first year courses.


Tips for Success

Tips for first year success written by current students.


Academic Advising

Connect with a first year engineering academic advisor.


Contact our Team

Connect with the engineering academic support office.


Eng. Learning Centre

EMLC offers free peer tutoring for first year engineering students.


First Year Support Team

The Engineering Academic Support Office’s First Year Support team is here to help as you make your transition into university and throughout your first year. If you have questions about the information we’ve shared, please reach out to us at ECORSupport@carleton.ca