Elsie MacGill Learning Centre

The Elsie MacGill Learning Centre (EMLC) is focused on furthering students understanding and comprehension in their engineering studies, and provides students with the academic support they need to achieve their learning goals.

Whether you have a quick question, want to review a solution, or just need a fresh explanation of content that was covered in class; our Engineering scholars are here to help with your ECOR and first-year math and science courses. The EMLC also employs a language scholar who can provide feedback on written assignments for engineering or elective courses.

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Virtual Tutoring Services

The EMLC will be offering virtual interactive tutoring sessions to continue to support first-year student success. The service is free to use and will be available to engineering students. All you have to do is accept the invitation to join, create an account, and then book an appointment with an EMLC scholar.

All students registered in a first-year engineering course have been sent an email to their Carleton email address inviting them to join our tutoring platform. If you did not receive an email, please contact the team at EMLC@carleton.ca.


Please note:
  • To ensure all students are provided equal access our services, students are limited to booking 1 session per day, 4 sessions per week, and 50 sessions per term.
  • The EMLC is closed on Sundays, University recognized holidays, during final exams, and during fall and winter break.
  • To access writing support, please submit your written assignment (with rubric), using the “Submit Assignment” feature in TutorOcean. Your assignment will be returned with feedback within 2 business days.

Mastering Math Review Videos for First Year Engineering

The EMLC has created a math review video series, to help all new Engineering students prepare for first year courses by refreshing their memory and practicing key math concepts before classes start in the fall. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to view these videos as they’re released.

Campus wide Academic Support

In addition to accessing peer tutoring through the EMLC, engineering students are encouraged to seek academic support from the following campus services (free to all students):

  • Centre for Student Academic Support
    • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) offers weekly group workshops. The Faculty of Engineering and Design has sponsored PASS to be offered for the following core courses in Winter 2021 term: CHEM 1002 A, CIVE 2101 A, ECOR 1042 BCDEFG, ECOR 1044 BCEF, ECOR 1046 BCDEFG, ECOR 1048 BCEF, ELEC 2507 AB, ELEC 2607 A, ELEC 3105 C, MAAE 2101 C, MAAE 2202 BC, MAAE 2300 DEF, MAAE 2400 DEF, MAAE 3004 C, MAAE 3202 C, MATH 1004 H, MATH 1007 H, SYSC 2006 D, and SYSC 3600 D.
    • Learning Strategies Sessions offers individual support for refining study skills and exam preparation which are key for success in engineering courses.
  • Math Tutorial Centre (MTC) offers tutoring for mathematics courses delivered by graduate students within the discipline.