Women in Engineering and IT

The Faculty of Engineering and Design at Carleton University is committed to initiatives which support women in engineering and information technology at every step along their journey. Too often, female students in high school do not view STEM as a viable academic and career path. Changing perceptions and fostering interest in engineering, technology and innovation among young people in our community is a top priority for us. The recruitment and retention of women in our engineering programs will help foster the next generation of leaders of industry, contributing to a larger, qualified and diverse workforce. That’s why we offer support to prospective students well before they step foot on campus.

Virtual Ventures

Virtual Ventures is a not-for-profit organization run under the Faculty of Engineering and Design at Carleton University. Virtual Ventures offers nationally recognized technology and engineering programs for youth who have completed junior kindergarten – grade 12.

Programs run through Virtual Ventures include summer camp, fall and winter clubs, school outreach workshops, InSTEM (Indigenous Youth in STEM) programs and Girls Outreach Events. Virtual Ventures provides the youth of Ottawa with stimulating experiences in all aspects of computers, information technology, engineering, and science. Virtual Ventures marks its 25th year of operation in 2019.

Annual Report 2019-20

Over the 2019-2020 academic year we hit a number of milestone accomplishments at the Faculty of Engineering and Design for supporting young women and girls at Carleton University along their journey in STEM. Thank you to the volunteers who make our work possible and impactful.

Download the 2019-2020 annual report.


Female Faculty Members


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REV UP Panel

Research Spotlight: Alicia Gal

Male Allyship in STEM Panel

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