Message from the Dean

Afagh, Fred

Fred Afagh – Interim Dean,
Faculty of Engineering and Design

As one of the nation’s leading institutions in the study and research of engineering, architecture, industrial design, and information technology, Carleton’s comprehensive platform of programs provides students with an environment that is challenging, diverse and flexible.

Our faculty history began in 1945 and contains many notable achievements, including establishing the first Canadian programs in aerospace engineering and communications engineering. Through the introduction of innovative undergraduate and graduate programs, the Faculty of Engineering and Design has maintained its long-standing reputation for excellence in education and research, both nationally and internationally.

Co-operative education is an integral part of our undergraduate programs. Through work terms ranging from 4 to 16 months, students learn to put theory into practice and complement academic work with on-the-job knowledge. Alumni and corporate partners help students to take advantage of these opportunities through the many companies and projects available here in the nation’s capital.

Our success and tremendous achievements in research and innovation have been supported by state-of-the-art research facilities and internationally renowned faculty members. They combine to provide our graduate students with a stimulating environment for learning and research.

Above all, our students are encouraged to work for themselves. We have a proud tradition of a very active and dynamic student population involved in many societies and groups. These provide valuable experience for future endeavours by teaching skills such as planning, communication, leadership and teamwork. Our graduates are the founders and leaders of many successful enterprises, an indication of the independence and confidence that we instill in our students.

The Faculty of Engineering and Design has the full confidence and support of government and industry for the high-quality and relevance of our programs. We are poised to meet the challenges of a promising future with a sense of enthusiasm, confidence and optimism. As you consider how to shape your own future — and even the future of the world — I invite you to join our vibrant community.

Fred F. Afagh, PhD, P.Eng, SMAIAA
Interim Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Design