The Faculty of Engineering and Design at Carleton University offers a full range of graduate programs in engineering, industrial design, architecture, and information technology.

With a wide array of community, industry and government partnerships, our graduate students have the opportunity to perform cutting-edge research, solve challenging real-world problems, and develop innovative solutions.

Our graduate students also benefit from a unique partnership with the University of Ottawa through the Ottawa-Carleton Joint Institutes. This provides access to a wide range of courses, expertise, research facilities and libraries, placing our engineering graduate programs among the largest in Canada.

Choose between a course-based or research-based master’s program, many of which offer funding through a combination of research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and scholarships.

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Master's Programs

All Master of Engineering programs at Carleton are course-based (do not require a supervisor) and can be applied to directly through Carleton360.

All Master of Applied Science programs are research-based and require the support of a supervisor prior to finalizing your application through Carleton360. To find a potential supervisor who matches your research area of interest, click here.

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Doctoral Programs

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Find a Researcher by Area of Expertise

Architecture | Civil and Environmental Engineering | Electronics | Industrial Design | Information Technology | Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering | Systems and Computer Engineering

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Architectural Design
Architectural History
Architectural Modeling
Architectural Theory
Architecture and Indigenous Communities
Architecture and Social Justice
Building Renewal
Built Environment
Design and Culture
Design and Spatial Justice
Digital Design Practice
Gender and Design
Heritage Conservation
Housing and Urban Development
Immersive Materials
Professional Practice
Sustainable Communities
Urban Health
Urban Infrastructure
Urban Morphology
Urbanization and Suburbanization

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Architectural Conservation and Sustainability
Building Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Fire Safety Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Structures and Materials Engineering
Transportation Engineering


Computer Aided Design
Mechatronics and Embedded Systems
Microwaves and Electromagnetics
Power and Energy Systems
Quantum Technologies
Solid State Devices and Integrated Circuit Technology
VLSI Design

Industrial Design

Information Technology

Ad-hoc and Wireless Sensor Networks
Animation, Virtual Environments, and Simulation
Big Data Analytics
Cloud, Fog, and Edge Computing
Computer Networks (Planning, Design, Architecture)
Connected/Autonomous Vehicles
Data Modelling
Data Privacy
Data Science
Educational Technologies
Game Design, Development, and Interactions
Human-Computer Interaction
Interactive Storytelling
Internet of Things (IoT)
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Medical Imaging and Applications
Multimedia Streaming
Network Security (Threat Modelling, Blockchain, Usable Security)
Network Technology
Software Defined Networks (SDN)
Sound and Music
Video/Image Processing and Compression
Virtual and Augmented Reality

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Acoustics and Aeroacoustics
Advanced Transportation Systems
Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
Applied Dynamics
Biomedical Engineering
Combustion and Heat Transfer
Dynamics and Mechanical Vibrations
Fluid Structure Interaction
Materials and Manufacturing Processes
Multiscale Mechanics
Nuclear Materials
Prognostics and Health Management
Robotics, Controls, Guidance and Navigation
Solid and Fracture Mechanics
Space and Satellite Technologies
Sustainable Energy Conversion and Utilisation

Systems and Computer Engineering

Analytics and Machine Intelligence / Big Data
Biomedical Engineering
Communications Engineering
Computer and Communication Networks / Cloud Computing
Computer Systems
Image and Signal Processing
Robotics and Control
Sensors, Sensor Systems, and the Internet of Things
Software Engineering
Technology Innovation Management

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Need More Information?

Looking for additional details or have questions about our graduate programs? Please visit Carleton’s Graduate Admissions website or contact the Faculty of Engineering and Design’s Graduate Studies Administrator, Tom Morrice, at or (613) 520-2600 ext. 5659.