Photo of Hanspeter Frei

Hanspeter Frei

Associate Professor

Degrees:Mechanical Engineer FH, Bern M.Sc., Dundee Ph.D. University of British Columbia
Phone:613-520-2600 x 5686
Office:3050 Minto

Research Interests:

  • Orthopaedic biomechanics
  • Orthopaedic implant design and analysis
  • Tissue engineering


Development of novel implants that enhance the fixation of bone screws in low quality bone and “smart” adaptive implants that ensure appropriate loading of healing bone and combine this technology with tissue engineering to ensure an optimal biomechanical and biological environment for fracture repair and bone regeneration.


Loss of the biomechanical integrity of the skeleton due to fracture or loss of bone tissue often leads to premature disability and leaves the patient with a reduced quality of life. The economic burden on the health care system of skeletal conditions such as osteoporosis-related fractures, osteolytic bone loss and other bone defects related to trauma, bone tumors and surgical resections is enormous. Despite considerable research efforts in implant design, augmentation methods and regenerative medicine approaches, the surgical treatment of the bone deficient skeleton remains challenging with  unsatisfactory clinical outcomes.

Journal Articles

Siggers, K, Frei H, Fernlund G, Rossi FMV, Effect of bone graft substitute on marrow stromal cell proliferation and differentiation, publication pending Journal of Applied Biomaterials

Yang C, Frei H, Rossi F, Burt H The differential in vitro and in vivo responses of bone marrow stromal cells on novel porous gelatin-alginate scaffolds publication pending Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Albert CI, Frei H, Duncan CP, Fernlund G, Stem Subsidence in Femoral Impaction Allografting, 2011, Critical Reviews in Biomedical Engineering, 39(6): 493-510


H. Frei (2005), “Helical Coil Fastener and Apparatus and Method for Implantation Thereof,” United States patent #11/665,367.