Technical Support:

Neil McFadyen, M.Eng, P.Eng
Supervisor of Computer Operations
Phone: 520-2600 ext. 5636
Bruce Johnston
Software Technologist
Phone: 520-2600 ext. 3555

Recommended Minimum Laptop Specs for Students:

Windows 10 (not all software used will run on a Mac)

i5 or i7 cpu, 256gb SSD, 8gb RAM

Computer Labs:

  • ME2256 – 99 Windows PCs – Scheduled Labs
  • ME3290 – 55 Windows PCs – 3rd & 4thYear Lab
  • MC6065 – 14 Windows PCs – 4th Year Design Room
  • ME2363 – 12 Windows PCs – 4th Year Satellite Lab
  • ME3149 – 10 Windows PCs – 3rd & 4th Year Lab
  • CB3103 – 1 Windows PCs – 4th Design Room
  • ME3124 – 1 Windows PCs, CAD/CAM Lab
  • ME3324 – Graduate Computer Lab
  • CB3205 – Graduate Computer Lab (SERG)

OS versions – Windows 10 64 bit, Linux Redhat Enterprise, CentOS
PCs are monitored by alarm systems.

Computer Lab Access:

Access to rooms  ME3124, ME3149, and ME3290 is by pinpad reader ONLY. Students can obtain a pincode from from the Departmental Office if s/he is taking a course(s) for which you require access to these rooms.

Access to ME2256, MC6065, CB3103, ME2360, ME2328, ME2324, CB3205 is by a Campus Card reader.  You must login to Carleton Campus Card website and generate your own pin code for access.  Swipe your card, enter the pin code and press #

Printing in ME2256, ME3290, ME3324 is by the new CarletonOnTheGo print system.  You must have money on your Campus Card to print, $0.10 per page.  Select the HP 4100 print driver.   Login to CarletonOnTheGo system and release the print job to the appropriate printer.

Account Policy:

There are 3 account domains for MAE which are separate from CUNET:

1. maent – student Windows domain – for all registered students

2. Linux Systems  – on an as needed basis

3. admin Windows domain – for faculty and staff only

Undergraduate accounts for the Windows domain are created automatically as needed for courses and expire at the end of the course.
Graduate students can get Windows accounts and UNIX accounts.  To get an account, fill out the Computer Account Request Form available in the Departmental Office Room ME3135.
Faculty can have accounts in all domains if required.

Network Drives

Home Directory

Each windows account comes with home directory mapped as the H drive for storing files.  Only the user will have access to this drive.  Storage quotas are set depending on the course requirements.

Shared Drives

Course Drives

Courses may have shared drives for submitting assignments or sharing of files.

ECOR1010:  \\arrow\2016ECOR1010fall  is mapped as the P: drive for ECOR1010 users

4th Year Projects:

There is a network drive for each of the nine 2013/2014 fourth year projects as follows:

To Map a drive from a non-lab computer use the net use command, e.g.,

Net use z: \\\2018fsae /user:maent\username

To Map the drive from outside of the MAE network, e.g., at home, you must first establish a VPN connection to Carleton using VPN software from Carleton Computing Services.


  • ME2256 –  Laser: 8.5×11 paper
  • ME3290 –  Laser: 8.5×11 paper
  • ME3124 – LexMark laser: 8.5×11 paper and Grads Only

Undergrad. Printing Printstations in me3290 and me2256 allow students to pay for printing using their campus card via CUOnTheGO.

Large format printing is available on Campus at Virtual Wave, 613-526-2917, located in the CTTC building.

Large format printing is also available at Gilmore Reproductions, located at 1636 Woodward Drive phone 613-727-5610. They are setting up an ftp ste to send files directly to them. I will send out more info about this.


There are two computing clusters available to grad students, cluster84 and clusterq.  Clusterq is mainly for running Ansys CFX jobs up to 20 partitions and cluster84 for running other programs such as Abaqus, fortran executables, matlab executables, etc.  Separate accounts are given upon request.


We host a number of special websites, e.g., for 4th years projects, conferences, research projects, etc.   If you need us to host a website let us know.

Wireless Network Information

There are wireless routers in most computers labs with access instructions posted in the room.

Software Index:

C/C++ Carleton Site License Software CES4
Mathematica MATLAB MD Nastran
PTC Pro Engineer Rapid Prototyping
Scanning STK Tecplot

ABAQUS 6.14-2:

Research License:  On computers in ME3324, cluster84.
Teaching Kit License:  Not Available at this time.

ANSYS and ANSYS Workbench 18:
A finite Element Analysis Program Installed in all 4th year labs


Backups and Creating CD-ROMS:

Home directories on both UNIX and Windows servers are backed up every night. It is recommended to have your own personal backup on CDROM.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 is installed on all PCs in the labs.
Intel C/C++, GNU C/C++ is available on the grad lab linux workstations

Carleton Site License Software:
Other software can be obtained from CCS. Go to: CCS website for further information.

Material Selection Software.   Currently not installed.

Computer Account Application

BEFORE you fill in the application form, please check with the System Administrator or with the Department to make sure that an application is required.


Intel Visual Fortan XE 2015 can be installed on Windows computers on a as needed basis.  It is also available on Linux Computers

G77 is available on all linux workstations

GasTurbine 9:
Currently not installed.

Labview can be installed on any computers needed for course work but not for research purposes.

Is installed on 2 PCs in the grad lab ME3324.  Cluster84 and Clusterq access is upon request only.

(An FEM package used for sheet metal forming analyses) – not available

MAPLE 2017:
A Symbolic Computation System / Computer Algebra System / Enhanced mathematics. It is installed on all Windows computers.

MATHCAD v15 or Prime 4.0:

25 concurrent user license for 4th year labs and grad lab faculty can obtain individual licenses at no cost.

This is not currently installed on our system.


MATLAB Campus license:
Numeric computation, advanced graphics and visualization, and a high-level programming language. There is a classroom kit license for teaching purposes install in the undergraduate labs and a separate research license installed in the graduate lab and on the Linux systems.

Bioinformatics Toolbox
Communications System Toolbox
Computer Vision System Toolbox
Control System Toolbox
Curve Fitting Toolbox
Data Acquisition Toolbox
Database Toolbox
DSP System Toolbox
Econometrics Toolbox
Embedded Coder
Filter Design HDL Coder
Financial Toolbox
Fixed-Point Designer
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
Global Optimization Toolbox
HDL Coder
HDL Verifier
Image Acquisition Toolbox
Image Processing Toolbox
Instrument Control Toolbox
Mapping Toolbox
MATLAB Compiler
MATLAB Report Generator
Model Predictive Control Toolbox
Neural Network Toolbox
Optimization Toolbox
Parallel Computing Toolbox
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox
Real-Time Windows Target
RF Toolbox
Robust Control Toolbox
Signal Processing Toolbox
Simulink 3D Animation
Simulink Coder
Simulink Control Design
Simulink Design Verifier
Simulink Real-Time
Simulink Verification and Validation
Statistics Toolbox
Symbolic Math Toolbox
System Identification Toolbox
Wavelet Toolbox


Installed on all Lab computers.

PTC Pro Engineer – Creo Parametric:
Currently using versions Creo Parametric 4.0�
A CAD/CAM software package. Site licensed. Installed on all Windows computers.  Students may obtain a free copy to install at their own computers:

PTC is offering any college and university students who are enrolled in a college/university that has the PTC University Plus program with a free seat of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire Schools Edition.  The intent of this license is to expand PTC’s opportunity to provide Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire to all students.  Now, students have the ability to use Pro/ENGINEER in their dormitory or their apartment.  Included is a perpetual license of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire and the appropriate training materials.

Your students can register for their free seat HERE.  All of the information about this exciting program can be found at this page.

There is a scanner in ME3290 for undergraduates.
There is a scanner in the grad lab for graduate students and for faculty.

STK 10.0:
A satellite software package. Version 10.0 is installed in
ME3149,ME3290, MC6065, and ME2363

Tecplot version 360:
A plotting package capable of very large data sets and tailored for CFD. The department currently has a 5 concurrent user license. The software is installed on PCs in the Grad Computer Lab.

An inventory control program. Runs on WinXP via web browser.  Not installed at this time.

# of users