Where are they now?

Join Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering faculty, students, industry supporters and fellow alumni at Carleton University to witness the latest developments with thirteen of the department’s impressive projects on Saturday, April 1st, 2023 (Details below) 

EDC=Engineering Design Centre; FENN Lounge=located in Residence Commons

  • Capstone project presentations begin.  Each capstone is presenting in its own classroom.
  • Coffee, tea, water, muffins will be served in the classrooms.
  • (By invite only)
  • Presentations end
  • Buffet lunch served in FENN Lounge.  A variety of dietary options will be served.
  • (By invite only)
  • Mingling in the EDC building; viewing the various work areas in EDC of each capstone group.
  • (Open to the public)
  • Capstone Design Forum ends


MAE Design Forum 2019

MAE Design Forum 2019

MAE Design Forum 2019

2023 Project Listing

Each of the following capstone groups will be presenting in their respective classrooms.
CB=Canal Building; ME=Mackenzie Building; NI=Nicol Building.

Advanced Aircraft Design (AAD) – Lead Engineer, Jeremy Laliberté

  • CB 3101
Assisted Autonomous Vehicles (AAV) – Lead Engineer, Xiao Huang

  • ME 4342
Bioinspired Environmentally Friendly Aerial Vehicle (BEFAV) – Lead Engineer, Joana Rocha

  • NI 4050
Building-Integrated Thermal Energy Systems (BITES) – Lead Engineer, Jean Duquette

  • ME 3328
Bi-Propellant Liquid Rocket (BPLR) – Lead Engineer, Jason Etele

  • ME 3235
Crash Test Dummy (CUCD) – Lead Engineer, Andrew Speirs

  • CB 3400
Formula Car (FSAE) – Lead Engineer, Glen Clarke

  • ME 3275
Gas Turbine (GT) – Lead Engineer, Henry Saari

  • ME 4236
Intelligent Telepresence and Assisted Devices (iTAD) – Lead Engineer, Mojtaba Ahmadi

  • ME 3356
Mechatronic Dosimetry Systems (MeDS) – Lead Engineer, Robin Chhabra

  • CB 2400
Micro Flapping-Wing Flyer (MFWF) – Lead Engineer, Fidel Khouli

  • NI 3030
Satellite Design Project (SDP) – Lead Engineer, Bruce Burlton

  • ME 3380
Sustainable Energy Systems Portfolio (SESP) – Lead Engineer, Tarik Kaya

  • ME 4332