Your TO-DO list before selecting an Aero stream

Before registering yourself in an AERO stream, there are two resources you need to examine – a video and slides.  The video and slides are complementary to one another.  You must review both documents before selecting your AERO stream.

  1. VIDEO – This video is presented by Professor Jeremy Laliberté
  2. SLIDES – Aerospace Stream Selection slides for the 2023 academic year.  This document contains information for Streams A, B, C, and D.  These slides have been provided to you by Professor Jeremy Laliberté

Upon deciding your Aerospace Stream

Once you have decided which Aerospace stream you would like to register in, visit the following webpage for further registration instructions:

Submit your Change of Program request BEFORE June 22, 2023.  If not submitted before June 22, 2023, you will experience registration issues when your time-ticket opens in July 2023.

Undergraduate students registered in the Aerospace Program can select from one of four streams before beginning their studies.

  • Aerospace A – Aerodynamics, Propulsion and Vehicle Performance
  • Aerospace B – Aerospace Structures, Systems and Vehicle Design
  • Aerospace C – Aerospace Electronics and Systems
  • Aerospace D – Space Systems Design

Please view the Aerospace Stream Selection Video information HERE.

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