The role of the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) will be to advise, support, and advocate for the
Department in its teaching and research endeavours. The Board should provide a strong linkage
between the Department and the professional community, and help the Department to achieve its
strategic objectives.

Terms of Reference for the Industrial Advisory Board


  • Aaron Dinovitzer – P.Eng. – Vice President, Engineering & Technology BMT Fleet Technology Ltd
  • Kerry Doherty – B.Eng – Director Strategic Technolgy CMC Electronics
  • Iole Faragalli – P.Eng. – Senior Associate, Buildings Engineering – Stantec
  • Stephanie Liddle – MHSc, CCE, Equipment & Technology Coordinator, Biomedical Engineering, University of Ottawa Heart Institute
  • Pooja Suresh – M.A.Sc. –  Manager of Research at GasTOPS
  • Bruce Hiscoke – P.Eng. – Manager, Structures & Design, W.R. Davis Engineering, Ltd
  • John Jastremski – P.Eng. – President and CEO of MDS Aero Support Corporation
  • Ron Miller – Ph.D., P.Eng. – Chair of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department
  • Robert Mobilio – P.Eng. – Senior Director, Engineering and Technical Services, Q Series Programs Bombardier Commercial Aircraft
  • Prakash Patnaik – FASM, FCAE – Principal Research Officer, Program Leader, Defence Technologies & Sustainment (DTS) Program NRC Aerospace Research Centre
  • Andrew Penner – P.Eng. – Senior Manager, Energy – Major Projects, OPDS, BGIS
  • Alex Tsoulis – P.Eng. -Director – Business Development, Advanced Technologies MHI Canada Aerospace, Inc
  • Charles Zaloum – P.Eng. – Engineering Supervisor, Conservation and Demand Management, Hydro Ottawa Ltd