Available Topics – Interested students can contact the Professor by email.

Professor Ahmed Abdulla A PhD position in the modelling of separation processes and negative emissions technologies in the APEX laboratory at Carleton University.
Professor Robin Chhabra PhD/MASc positions at ASRoM Lab
Professor Cynthia Cruickshank
Professor Alex Ellery Areas of spaceflight, in-situ resource utilisation, space mining, robotics and astrobiology instrumentation, biomimetics, 3D printing, self-replicating machines, and artificial intelligence (contact via email: alex.ellery@carleton.ca)
Professor Xiao Huang Please contact Dr. Xiao Huang (xiao.huang@carleton.ca) for graduate studies in the areas of metal additive manufacturing (laser and arc) and novel alloy and structure designs.
Professor Rishad Irani Funded Graduate Positions at Carleton University 
Professor Matthew Johnson Energy and Emissions Research Lab
Professor Reza Kholghy
Professor Jeremy Laliberte Uninhabited Aircraft Systems Graduate Opportunities
Professor Glenn McRae  Design of a low hydrogen rolled joint for CANDU fuel channels – For MEng students
Professor Hashim Mohamed Open Postdoc position
Professor Hashim Mohamed PhD/MASc positions in Robotics and Control
Professor Eng Kuan Moo MuBest Laboratory Funded Grad Student Position *NEW*
Professor Oren Petel
  • MASc and PhD Positions in Traumatic Injury Biomechanics
  • High-Speed Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner Algorithm – The Impact Dynamics Research Group conducts fundamental research on impact-related traumatic injuries, such as concussion. Our lab currently houses the fastest x-ray system in the world, operating at 10,000 frames per second. We are looking for a student interested in conducting a 4-month long research project into the use of open source CT software to develop an algorithm that would lay the groundwork to develop the fastest CT scanner in the world. This project will include an experimental as well as a numerical component to it. Interested MEng students should contact Prof. Oren Petel via email (oren.petel@carleton.ca).
Professor Joana Rocha
Professor Jurek Sasiadek Aerospace Robotics, Guidance Navigation and Control Centre. (contact via email: jurek.sasiadek@carleton.ca).
Professor Kristen Schell Postdoctoral Position in Power and Energy Systems Planning, Large-scale Network Optimization
Professor Xin Wang Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
Professor Metin Yaras Graduate research opportunities involving experimental and computational fluid dynamics

Updated as of August 2023.