Carleton’s MAE machine shops offer a number of services to students and staff, with over 50 machines across the departmental facilities. Work orders can be submitted to be machined by our staff, or students can receive training to reserve a machine and fabricate their design individually. Students may also opt to book a consultation to discuss their design without manufacturing it. All work orders to be manufactured in the machine shops, either by staff or by trained individuals, are subject to a consultation process to vet the design and ensure manufacturability.

For a full explanation of the fabrication process in the MAE machine shops, please see the video below.

Fabrication Process

  1. Submission
    • A job request is submitted for approval prior to being placed in the queue.
  2. Triage / Initial Consultation
    • Approved work orders are reviewed with machine shop staff to provide design feedback and ensure that the project may be manufactured as designed.
  3. Revision
    • Any changes identified during the initial consultation are implemented and the design is finalized.
  4. Quotation
    • Job materials quoted from a supplier if not already supplied or available.
  5. Fabrication
    • Part(s) are manufactured on site based on the revised design.
  6. Delivery
    • Fabricated design is delivered for final approval.


  • Standard safety procedures are to be followed at all times.
  • Those working individually are fully trained (See Training).
  • Drawings must follow standard format (See Resources for examples).
  • Bring physical drawings to the shop – working from electronic devices is not permitted.


Work orders are not fulfilled on a first-come first-serve basis. In general, work order priority is given as follows:

  1. Urgent teaching lab/facility maintenance
  2. Undergraduate coursework (including Capstones and design courses)
  3. Regular teaching lab maintenance
  4. Research support
  5. Extracurricular projects (including student teams like FSAE an CU InSpace)

This order may change throughout the year, as can the time to fulfill a work order. Shop staff will make the final determinations when scheduling work based on priorities, available staff, and job complexity. Machine shop staff decisions are final. If you have a critical part you need made by a certain deadline, it is your responsibility to submit it well in advance of when you need it!

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