Academic/Registration Change Form – used for LOA, Reinstatement and Status Change, Course withdrawal, waive late fees, withdrawal from thesis, – Students who have valid reasons for changing status from full-time to part-time prior to registration for a term may apply for permission by:

  • Writing to the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs stating the reason(s) for seeking exemption from the full-time registration requirements stated in (Section 7.9).
  • by completing a Academic Change Form, accompanied by a statement from the departmental graduate supervisor/associate chair (graduate affairs)  – and the thesis supervisor, if applicable  – in support of their request.

It is understood that such a status change will be granted only in exceptional cases (e.g. for medical reasons).  Exemptions are normally granted for a term.

Extension Request Form – used for Extension of Program – Time limits are strictly enforced (Section 13.5 of the Graduate Regulations). Prior to considering an extension, FGPA requires a statement as to why the extension is required; and a specific time line/schedule indicating how you intend to complete your program requirements within the extended term. This needs to be reviewed and approved by your Research/Thesis Supervisor to guarantee that it meets with their schedule.
Request to Audit a course form– maximum 2 requests for your entire program
MECH 5906Graduate Directed Studies Form – A student carries out a study, analysis, and solution of an engineering problem. Results presented in the form of a written report.
MECH 5908Graduate Independent Study Form – For M.Eng. students, the course content must relate to their field of study or it will not count towards their degree.
Program Approval Form