Machine shop job submissions are to be cut-off from Friday, March 1st until the end of the term. Any jobs submitted after this date will not be completed until after the end of the Winter 2024 term.


The machine shop facilities fabricate parts for the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE), including but not limited to coursework, student projects, student teams, capstone projects, and graduate research. The MAE department has two machine shops:

  • Engineering Design Centre – EDC 2515
  • Mackenzie Building – ME 2159

For information on services provided, available machines, training, to reserve a machine, or to submit a job request, please see the appropriate pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay to have my project manufactured by the machine shop?

Shop manufacturing services are free of charge for undergraduate coursework. Student teams, Capstone projects, and research groups are required to pay for their own materials, unless the shop has the material in stock already.

How will I get billed for materials?

Jobs that require material not already available in the shop will receive a supplier quote from machine shop staff. Students can place the order by contacting the supplier and paying them directly.

How do I submit a work order?

Job requests can be emailed to For submission requirements, please see Services. Incomplete and/or inadequate submissions may be rejected at the discretion of staff.

Can I use the shop’s tools and machines to manufacture my project myself?

Training is offered by the university for students who require the use of a machine to fabricate their project. To reserve a machine, please submit a request here. All students booking a machine are subject to mandatory training and job review.