Photo of Jason Jaskolka

Jason Jaskolka

Assistant Professor

Degrees:Ph.D. (McMaster)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1873
Office:Canal Building 6206

Research Interests:

Cybersecurity Assurance & Security-By-Design:

  • methodologies for designing and implementing safe, secure, and reliable systems
  • applications in cyber-physical systems, critical infrastructures, internet of things (IoT), and others
  • development of software tools for automated analysis

Covert Communication Channels:

  • modelling, detecting, constructing, analyzing, and mitigating covert channels
  • methodologies for designing systems with robustness against covert channels

Software Engineering:

  • architectures, design patterns, and middleware for building resilient and robust software-dependent systems
  • requirements engineering, especially assessing and managing trade-offs with security requirements
  • model-based development

Formal Methods:

  • specification, verification, and validation of software-dependent systems
  • development and use of algebraic approaches, methods, and techniques

Distributed Multi-Agent Systems:

  • studies of the interplay between agent behaviour and knowledge
  • communication and concurrency
  • identifying, analyzing, and mitigating security vulnerabilities
  • implicit component interactions