Information about our Graduate Programs and How to Apply

About our Programs and Why You Should Apply

There are many reasons why the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering should be your first choice for graduate study in Electrical and Computer Engineering or Biomedical Engineering.

Our graduate programs include a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, master’s programs in Electrical and Computer Engineering (with and without thesis), and a master’s program in Biomedical Engineering.

How to Apply

Click here to apply online. This takes you to the Graduate Admissions web site where you can create an application account.

Entrance Requirements

All Programs: Visa students must have a TOEFL of 580 or more, preferably above 600.

Ph.D. Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering: The normal requirement for admission into the Ph.D. program is a master’s degree with thesis in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a closely-related discipline from a recognized university, with a master’s thesis topic in an appropriate area, and of acceptable quality.

Master’s Programs in Electrical and Computer Engineering: The normal requirement for admission to a master’s program is a bachelor’s degree with at least high honours standing in electrical engineering or a related discipline.

Master’s Program in Biomedical Engineering: The normal requirement for admission is a four-year bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, computer science, or a related discipline, with an average of at least B+.

Costs and Financial Assistance

Financial support for graduate students is available from three sources: Carleton scholarship funds are available for scholastic achievement, teaching assistantships (TA) for which the student is required to assist as a demonstrator or marker in a course, and research assistantships (RA) which may be provided by the thesis supervisor for assistance in research work. Applicants are automatically considered for financial support. Numerous other special scholarships are also available. International students, who submit strong applications and have high grades, may be eligible to receive some funding for their studies.