MEng students have the opportunity to engage in a course based project with a faculty member in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering. In this course, MEng students collaborate with a professor to conduct an engineering study, analysis, and/or design project.

Students will gain exposure to faculty members’ projects and research which may contribute to students’ academic development and post-graduate employability.

These one-term, on-campus project courses are an excellent way for MEng students to gain additional knowledge and experience in a topic of interest.

About the Projects

MEng Projects are typically a one-term project course. These projects are divided into two categories: pre-defined or by-request. A pre-defined project is one that has been already outlined by a faculty member. A by-request project is one where the MEng student reaches out to prospective project supervisors to see if they can collaborate on a project.

There are two ways to find a project. You may look at the pre-defined project listings or you may request a project as per the by-request project instructions (find both types below).

How do I Apply?

  1. Secure a project supervisor (see above for tips);
  2. Complete and submit the MEng Project Application Form. To do so, enter all required details, attach a detailed project description and obtain the prospective supervisor’s signature prior to submitting the form to;
  3. Submit a registration override in Carleton Central for the course. You may find the relevant CRN in the public class schedule. Please indicate the prospective supervisor’s details in the override comment section.

The graduate team is happy to review any questions you may have: