In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, our faculty members are gearing their research efforts to face the crisis. Please see below.

Prof. Wainer’s lab has a page devoted to tracking the evolution of COVID–19. He has included Education Resources, Publications in the area from ARSlab, the lab he chairs, and some videos on YouTube, click  here to watch. He has written two divulgation articles on his research and the study on pandemics at The Conversation: click here for Article 1 and here for Article 2. See more research of Prof. Wainer’s on COVID-19  here.

Prof. Ibnkahla wrote an article in Ottawa Business Journal which outlines his research activities on COVID 19, click here for the article.

Prof. Green’s  lab is characterizing the human-SARS-CoV-2 protein-protein interactome and will be using genetic algorithms to create novel synthetic peptides to disrupt host-pathogen interactions.

PhD candidate, Kevin Dick, has worked with collaborators to assemble a website that tracks stories of human kindness amid the COVID19 pandemic. Click here for details.