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Summary descriptions of courses are available in the undergraduate and graduate calendars. More detailed information about the specific offerings of a course are in the official course outlines prepared by the professor teaching the course. Links are given below to the preliminary versions of the course outlines for the Fall (f), Winter (w), and Summer (s) terms. These are made available to help you in choosing courses. The official course outlines will be provided at the start of each course. These preliminary course outlines are subject to change.

Most courses maintain a website on Brightspace, the Carleton University online learning system. A few courses maintain custom websites: if the course name below is a link, then clicking on it will reach the custom website. For all other courses, check Brightspace.

Undergraduate Courses

ECOR Courses

Calendar entries

ECOR 1041 Computation and Programming Course Description
ECOR 1042 Data Management Course Description
ECOR 1043 Circuits Course Description (Department of Electronics)
ECOR 1044 Mechatronics Course Description (Department of Electronics)
ECOR 1045 Statics Course Description (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)
ECOR 1046 Mechanics Course Description (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)
ECOR 1047 Visual Communication (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
ECOR 1048 Dynamics (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
ECOR 1055 Introduction to Engineering Disciplines I
ECOR 1056 Introduction to Engineering Disciplines II
ECOR 1057 Engineering Profession
ECOR 2050 Design and Analysis of Engineering Experiments Course Description (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)
ECOR 2995 Engineering Portfolio Course Description (Faculty of Engineering and Design)
ECOR 3800 Engineering Economics Course Description (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)
ECOR 4995 Professional Practice Course Description (Faculty of Engineering and Design)

SYSC Courses

Calendar entries

SYSC 2004 Object-Oriented Software Development Course Description.
SYSC 2006 Foundations of Imperative Programming Course Description.
SYSC 2010 Programming Project Course Description Course Description
SYSC 2100 Algorithms and Data Structures Course Description.
SYSC 2310 Introduction to Digital Systems Course Description.
SYSC 2320 Introduction to Computer Organization and Architecture Course Description.
SYSC 2510: Probability, Statistics and Random Processes for Engineers Course Description.
SYSC 3006 Computer Organization Course Description.
SYSC 3010 Computer Systems Development Project Course Description.
SYSC 3020 Introduction to Software Engineering Course Description.
SYSC 3101 Programming Languages Course Description.
SYSC 3110 Software Design Project Course Description.
SYSC 3120 Software Requirements Engineering Course Description.
SYSC 3200 Industrial Engineering Course Description.
SYSC 3203 Bioelectrical Systems Course Description.
SYSC 3303 Real-Time Concurrent Systems Course Description.
SYSC 3310 Introduction to Real-Time Systems Course Description.
SYSC 3320 Computer Systems Design Course Description.
SYSC 3500 Signals and Systems Course Description.
SYSC 3501 Communication Theory Course Description.
SYSC 3503 Communication Theory II Course Description.
SYSC 3600 Systems and Simulation Course Description.
SYSC 3610 Biomedical Systems, Modeling, and Control Course Description.
SYSC 4001 Operating Systems Course Description.
SYSC 4005 Discrete Simulation/Modeling Course Description.
SYSC 4006 Introduction to Systems Programming
SYSC 4101 Software Validation Course Description.
SYSC 4102 Performance Engineering Course Description.
SYSC 4106 Software Product Management Course Description.
SYSC 4111 Formal Methods in Software Engineering Course Description.
SYSC 4120 Modelling Software Design Course Description.
SYSC 4130 Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
SYSC 4201 Ethics, Research Methods and Standards for Biomedical Engineering Course Description.
SYSC 4202 Clinical Engineering Course Description.
SYSC 4203 Bioinstrumentation and Signals Course Description.
SYSC 4205 Image Processing for Medical Applications Course Description.
SYSC 4206 Surgical Robotics
SYSC 4310 Computer Systems Architecture Course Description.
SYSC 4405 Digital Signal Processing Course Description.
SYSC 4415 Introduction to Machine Learning Course Description.
SYSC 4502 Communications Software Course Description.
SYSC 4504 Fundamentals of Web Development Course Description.
SYSC 4505 Automatic Control Systems Course Description.
SYSC 4600 Digital Communications Course Description.
SYSC 4602 Computer Communications Course Description.
SYSC 4604 Digital Communication Theory Course Description.
SYSC 4607 Wireless Communications Course Description.
SYSC 4700 Telecommunications Engineering Course Description.
SYSC 4701 Communications Systems Laboratory Course Description.
SYSC 4805 Computer Systems Design Laboratory Course Description.
SYSC 4806 Software Engineering Laboratory Course Description.
SYSC 4810 Introduction to Network and Software Security Course Description.
SYSC 4906 Special Topics Course Description. Click here for recently offered topics.
SYSC 4906B Special Topics: Intro to data SCI and Data VIS
SYSC 4906C Special Topics: Advanced C++ Programming
SYSC 4907 Engineering Project Course Description. For the course website, click here (Carleton VPN needed).

Graduate Courses

SYSC Graduate Courses

Calendar entries

SYSC 5001 Simulation and Modelling Outline
SYSC 5003 Discrete Stochastic Models Outline
SYSC 5004 Optimization for Engineering Applications Outline
SYSC 5101 Design of High Performance Software Outline
SYSC 5103 Software Agents Outline
SYSC 5104 Methodologies for Discrete-Event Modelling and Simulation Outline
SYSC 5105 Software Quality Engineering and Management Outline
SYSC 5108 Topics in Information Systems (Deep Learning) Outline
SYSC 5201 Computer Communications Outline
SYSC 5202 Applications in Medical Image Processing Outline
SYSC 5207 Distributed Systems Engineering Outline
SYSC 5301 Advanced Topics in Biomedical Engineering Outline
SYSC 5302 Biomedical Instrumentation Outline
SYSC 5303 Interactive Networked Systems and Telemedicine Outline
SYSC 5304 Medical Imaging Processing Outline
SYSC 5306 Mobile Computing Outline
SYSC 5307 Biological Signals Outline
SYSC 5370 Multiresolution Signal Decomposition: Analysis and Applications Outline
SYSC 5403 Network Access Techniques Outline
SYSC 5405 Pattern Classification and Experiment Design Outline
SYSC 5502 Advanced Linear Systems Outline
SYSC 5503 Stochastic Processes Outline
SYSC 5504 Principles of Digital Communications Outline
SYSC 5506 Information Theory Outline
SYSC 5600 Adaptive Signal Processing Outline
SYSC 5602 Digital Signal Processing Outline
SYSC 5605 Advanced Digital Communications Outline
SYSC 5606 Introduction to Mobile Communications Outline
SYSC 5608 Wireless Communication Systems Engineering Outline
SYSC 5700 Spread Spectrum Systems Outline
SYSC 5701 Operating System Methods for Real-Time Applications Outline
SYSC 5703 Integrated Database and Cloud Systems Outline
SYSC 5704 Elements of Computer Systems Outline
SYSC 5706 Analytical Performance Models of Computer Systems Outline
SYSC 5708 Model-Driven Development of Real-Time and Distributed Software Outline
SYSC 5800 Network Computing Outline
SYSC 5801 Advanced Topics in Computer Communications Outline
SYSC 5804 Advanced Topics in Communications Systems Outline
SYSC 5806 Object-Oriented Design of Real-Time and Distributed Systems Outline
SYSC 5807 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems Outline | Outline
SYSC 5902 Research Methods for Engineers
Click here for Advanced Topics offered during the 2021-22 academic year.

BIOM Graduate Courses

Calendar entries

BIOM 5010 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Outline
BIOM 5100 Biomedical Instrumentation Outline
BIOM 5101 Biological Signals Outline
BIOM 5200 Biomedical Image Processing Outline
BIOM 5202 Applications in Medical Image Processing Outline
BIOM 5402 Interactive Networked Systems and Telemedicine Outline
BIOM 5403 Data Visualization Outline
BIOM 5405 Pattern Classification and Experiment Design Outline
BIOM 5800 Biomedical Engineering Seminar Outline