Research is a central activity in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering. We work on a variety of research areas including computing systems, communication systems, multimedia, software engineering, biomedical engineering, and management of engineering processes. This combination of expertise makes us uniquely suited for exploring the new frontiers of technology integration, including sensors, the Internet of Everything, and the ongoing penetration of computing, software, analytics, sensors, and communications into every aspect of technology and society. For convenience, this directory of researchers collects the department researchers into several broad clusters, but you should visit the individual research web sites to appreciate the diversity and scope of the research interests and expertise in the department.

Faculty of Engineering and Design Research Review 2017.

Research Chairs, Senior Members, Fellows

The department is proud to include 4 Research Chairs among the faculty:

In addition, the department has a long list of professional society Senior Members and Fellows.

Faculty and Research Impact

Our faculty members are internationally recognized research leaders who continually contribute new ideas that have significant impact on their fields of study. One measure of this is how frequently the research publications by faculty members are referenced. Consider this list of publications by faculty members, each referenced 100 or more times, and some referenced thousands of times. As leaders in the research community, our faculty members are heavily involved in conference organization. Graduate students in Systems and Computer Engineering are also eligible for supervision by faculty members in the Carleton School of Information Technology.

Research Spotlights:

Industrial Connections

The Department has many connections with industry, including most of the communication and technology leaders such as Cisco, Telus, Alcatel, IBM, etc. A number of these companies have donated laboratories to the Department to facilitate our research work. Many of our graduate students are working on topics that have direct relevance to cutting edge developments in new technology such as cloud computing, sensors, new biomedical devices, etc. The Department is also well-connected with government research laboratories such as the Communications Research Centre, among others.

Facilities and Laboratories

The Department is richly endowed with advanced research facilities and research laboratories. A number of these are unique in Canada (such as the Alcatel and Texas Instruments labs) and among a very small number in the world.

Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carleton University

The Electrical and Computer Engineering enterprise at Carleton University is offered jointly by the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering and the Department of Electronics, which together form one of the largest ECE programs in Canada, offering a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate programs. In addition, the two departments are part of the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Electrical and Computer Engineering , a collaboration with the School of Information Technology and Engineering at the University of Ottawa. Carleton University also has the Carleton School of Information Technology and the School of Computer Science. In sum, Carleton hosts one of Canada’s largest collections of advanced technology researchers and facilities.