Department members are involved in the organization of these upcoming conferences (listed chronologically):

8th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering ICPE 2017
April 22-26, 2017
L’Aquila, Italy
Dorina Petriu (Program Committee)

Symposium on the Theory of Modeling and Simulation (TMS/DEVS’17)
23-26 April 2017
Virginia Beach, USA
Gabriel Wainer (Chair of the Steering Committee)

7th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER 2017)
24-26 April, 2017
Porto, Portugal
George Yee (Program Committee)

3rd International Workshop on Quality-Aware DevOps QUDOS 2017
27 April 2017
L’Aquila, Italy
Dorina Petriu (Program Committee)

IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications (MeMeA)
7-10 May, 2017
Rochester MN USA
Adrian Chan (Technical Program Committee)

International Conference on Selected Topics in Mobile and Wireless Networking
17-19 May, 2017
Avignon, France
Thomas Kunz (General Co-Chair)

39th International Conference on Software Engineering: Software
Engineering Education and Training Track ICSE-SEET 2017
May 20-28, 2017
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dorina Petriu (Program Committee, SEET track)

IEEE ICC 2017 Workshop on Flexible Networks (FlexNets)
21 May 2017
Paris, France
Halim Yanikomeroglu (Co-Chair)

IEEE International Conference on Communications
21-25 May 2017.
Paris, France
Thomas Kunz, Chung-Horng Lung (Technical Program Committee)

IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology
Conference (I2MTC)
May 22-25, 2017
Torino, Italy
Adrian Chan (Technical Program Committee)

ACM SIGSIM Conference on Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation (PADS)
24-26 May, 2017
Gabriel Wainer (Program Committee)

IFIP Networking 2017 
13-15 June, 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
Thomas Kunz (Technical Progam Committee)

The Canadian Academy of Engineering Annual General Meeting
26 June, 2017
Ottawa, Canada
Kevin Goheen (Organizer)

The 41st Annual IEEE Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC)
4-8 July, 2017
Turin, Italy
Chung-Horng Lung (Workshops Co-Chair)

2017 International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems
9-12 July, 2017
Seattle, USA
Gabriel Wainer (Program Committee)

International Union of Radio Scientists General Assembly and Scientific Symposium
19-26 August, 2017
Montreal, Canada
Robert Bultitude (Session organizer; tutorial presentation)

The Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Applications (INTELLI 2017)
23-27 July, 2017
Nice, France
George Yee (Program Committee)

Software Engineering and Advanced Applications SEAA-MOCS 2017
August 30 – September 1, 2017
Vienna, Austria
Dorina Petriu (Program Committee MOCS Track)

The Eleventh International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies (SECURWARE 2017)
10-14 September, 2017
Rome, Italy
George Yee (Program Committee, Steering/Advisory Committees for SECURWARE series)

International Workshop on Secure Software Engineering in DevOps and Agile Development (SECSE2017)
14 September, 2017
Oslo, Norway
George Yee (Program Committee)

ACM/IEEE 20th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems MODELS 2017
September 17-22, 2017
Austin TX USA
Dorina Petriu (Steering Committee and Program Committee)

IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2017-Fall
24-27 Sept 2017
Toronto, ON, Canada
Halim Yanikomeroglu (General Chair)

EAI International Conference on Ad Hoc Networks
October, 2017
Niagara Falls, Canada
Thomas Kunz (Technical Progam Committee Chair)

The IEEE 28th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE)
October 23-26, 2017
Toulouse, France
Damiano Torre (Doctoral Symposium Co-Chair)

The Second International Conference on Cyber-Technologies and Cyber-Systems (CYBER 2017)
12-16 November, 2017
Barcelona, Spain
George Yee (Program Committee)

Winter Simulation Conference
December 3-6, 2017.
Las Vegas, NV
Gabriel Wainer (Program Committee Chair)