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Poster Fair: The Biggest Event for Your Capstone Projects

Poster fair is the annual show of all capstone projects in Systems and Computer Engineering department. It is an opportunity to show off the products developed by students with high visibility. It represents the apex of the knowledge and skills a student has accumulated through 4-year academic study. Many of these products have received various awards in the past. For example, two projects won the first and second prizes in the 2022 IEEE International Humanitarian Technology Conference video competition. In 2023, various projects were classified into six categories. They are Robot and AV, Communications, Biomedical, Software Engineering, Machine Learning, and Security. Products developed in each category represent the state-of-the-art technology and very popular applications.

Robot and AV are one of the most vibrant areas in recent years. They ride on the recent trend of electric vehicle and environment protection. Many projects in this category targets at some very specific and interesting challenges, such as pedestrian behavior prediction, lane keeping technique, arrival direction estimation, vision-based robot control.

Communications is another exciting category with the increasing deployments of IoT devices world-wide and ever-growing internet applications. Some interesting examples include IoT for smart gardening and farming, video transmission through LTE controlled drone, virtual reality platform for remote monitoring and collaboration.

Biomedical technology has played a very important role in improving healthcare. There are many interesting biomedical projects ranging from real-time patient monitoring, 3D-bioprinter implementation, haptic pen development, to biomedical imaging.

Software engineering has been a very strong area in our department. We have a large number of software projects that focus on fancy applications. Some examples include multi-variable sports scheduler, discrete event controller for a helicopter, and travel map.

With ChatGPT shaking the world, machine learning is attracting more and more attention. We have some ambitious projects involving machine learning. A project that provides customized internet searching is based on federated learning concept proposed by Google. Classification of finger flexions is a machine learning application to biomedical area.

Finally, the security area has been a hot topic for the past decade. We have several projects that are among the front-end in this area. Some examples are attacker behavior analysis tool, IoT identity management based on block chain, threat modeling solution, etc.

It is a life-time experience to participate in a capstone project and contribute your skills and innovative ideas to something that can change people’s daily lives.

Announcing 2023- 2024 Video Competition Winners

A special congratulations goes to this years’ winning groups in the video competition. It was an incredible close competition and two groups triumph as 1st place winners.

Group #28, presenting their project on “Teleoperated Bilateral Haptic Robotic Devices for Cooperative Virtual Reality Training in Surgical Applications,” showcased groundbreaking advancements in surgical training methods.

Simultaneously, Group #44 captivated judges with their project “MobileOgel: Lego Mobile Application,” demonstrating ingenuity in mobile application development.

Securing 2nd place was Group #38, recognized for their project “Mobile Application for Implementation of Best Practices for Sudden Infant Death Risk Reduction,” offering valuable contributions to infant safety.

The competition, marked by its stiff competition and impressive submissions, underscored the remarkable talent and dedication of participants. Congratulations to all the winning groups for their outstanding achievement and all students who successfully completed their capstone projects. You are all winners!

Watch winning videos here.

2022 -2023 Video Competition Winners Announced

Congratulations to all the winning groups of the SCE’s 2022-2023 4th-year Capstone Project Video competition! Group 35, led by Nathan Mezzomo Nathan, Titus Priscu, and Miles Sutherland, secured 1st place with their project “Haptic Simulator for Pediatric Laparoscopy Training,” under the guidance of Project Supervisor Professor Carlos Rossa. Group 14, composed of Alex Cameron, Thomas Dunnigan, and Benjamin Munro, clinched 2nd place with their project “IoT for Smart Urban Gardening and Farming,” guided by Project Supervisor Professor Mohamed Ibnkahla. Lastly, Group 15, including Guanqun Dong, Han Gao, Jiatong Han, and Boshen Zhang, earned 3rd place with their project “Vision-based control for robotics,” supervised by Professor Chao Shen. Each group’s dedication, innovation, and hard work have led to these remarkable achievements. Well done to all!

Watch winning videos here.

Academic Year 2022 – 2023

2022 -2023 Most Popular Poster

Group 51 got the most popular vote with their Real-Time Pain Threshold evaluation instrument.

Visit the link below for  photo highlights of the 2022-2023 poster fair.
2022- 2023 Capstone Project Poster Fair Highlights

Video announcement of of the 2022-2023 poster

Prizes – 2023

Best Project: Prize –  1st place and 2nd place

Best Poster: Prize –  1st place and 2nd place.

Popular Vote: Should your project be the most popular among attendees

Video Competition: The video competition portion will take place in April. Stay tune for more info.

2023 Galleria Floor Layouts

AM Layout and PM Layout

Video Competitions

To view videos from previous years visit page link below.

Video Competitions