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Carleton’s Master of Engineering – Engineering Practice program is offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Design in conjunction with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Public Affairs, the Faculty of Science and the Sprott School of Business.

Engineering Practice focuses on enhancing the technical expertise of students, with a particular focus on internationally trained engineers who have received their undergraduate degree from a university outside the Canadian Accreditation System. It is unique in its emphasis on employment-oriented skills within an engineering framework, blending courses in project management, entrepreneurship, communications skills and more with advanced applied topics related to your engineering background.

Become Career Ready

Engineering Practice is a full-time course-based program, normally completed within two years (4 terms). It offers technical engineering courses along with a number of disciplines aimed at the development of a variety of soft skills. It is tailored towards accelerating the transition into Canada’s engineering job market upon graduation and is open to students from all engineering backgrounds.

Program Streams

Course Structure

Engineering Practice is designed to provide BEng graduates from recognized engineering institutions around the world with a high-quality educational experience that mixes discipline-specific technical courses on advanced applied topics related to their engineering backgrounds and disciplines that are geared at the development of employment-oriented soft skills.


Courses Categories


1 Four Discipline-Specific Technical Courses 2.0
2 Three Compulsory Complementary Courses 1.5
3 Three Complementary Courses 1.5
4  Research Seminar Course 0.0
Total Credits 5.0

Every term, students must register for at least one course from each category.

For a detailed course structure, view our Graduate Calendar – Engineering Practice.

Entrance Requirements

1. In order to be eligible for admission, applicants must have an undergraduate degree in an engineering or equivalent field with “B+” or higher in the honours subject and “B” or higher overall.

2. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for International Students Admission Requirement

3. Language Proficiency for International Students

4. References

5. Statement of Intent 

6. Transcripts

*Here is the guide to submitting your documents.


In the Engineering Practice Program, the summer term (May to August) is considered a regularly scheduled break approved by the University as stated in the Graduate Calendar.

Alternatively, students have the option to enroll in Summer term courses when offered by EP. By doing so, students can complete their program of study four months earlier.

Regardless of their choice, students will resume/continue their full-time studies in September.

Tuition Cost

Applicants who accept an offer of admission agree to fund the entire length of their studies, which is four terms completed over two years.The approximate costs are given in Canadian dollars and are based on a 12-month period unless otherwise noted.

International Student Cost and Fees

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I want to know more about the Engineering Practice program
About the program

This is a coursework-based Master of Engineering program.

The main difference between Engineering Practice and other Master of Engineering programs at Carleton is the emphasis on non-technical courses.

Our program is approximately 50% technical engineering courses and 50% non-technical, non-engineering courses such as Project Management.

You can find a more detailed description of the program requirements here.

Please note that there is no funding for this program.

I have questions about my offer of admission

Offers of admission may be conditional upon certain things:

  • Official transcripts from your university, which they must email directly to A WES evaluation would also satisfy this condition but is not required.
  • An academic reference letter, sent from an institutional email address. If your referee does not have an institutional email and only has a public email address such as a Gmail/yahoo/163/Rediff email address, then we must be able to confirm that their address is authentic. This can be done if their email address appears on your university’s website, or you can ask your university to email us to authenticate your referee’s email address
  • English language test scores, if you did not include them in your original application or if the ones you provided do not meet Carleton’s English language requirements

Here is an example condition in your offer of admission:

Once the conditions in your offer have been met, you will receive a revised offer of admission which will be unconditional. If you receive a conditional offer, you must address them before registering for courses. If you are not able to address the conditions in your offer letter, please email us (


You can defer your admission for one term at a time, for up to one year from the term of the original offer of admission.

For example, if you receive an offer of admission for the fall 2023, you can request a deferral to the winter 2024 term.

Later, you can request a second deferral to the fall 2024. After that, you will not be able to request another deferral.

Admission to another Master of Engineering program

If you have received an offer of admission for a different Master of Engineering program but are interested in Engineering Practice instead,
please send us an email (

If you applied to a different Master of Engineering program. program but did not get an offer, you might have received an email letting you know that you are instead being considered for Engineering Practice. If you have any questions about your original application, please email If you receive an offer for Engineering Practice, we will choose a stream for you based on your background.

If you want to change streams, please email us (

I have accepted my offer to Engineering Practice. What next?

If you receive a conditional offer, you must address each condition before registering for courses. Registration for the fall and winter begins in July. You can find important registration and deadline information here: Important registration and deadline information here

This link contains many resources to help you navigate Carleton Central’s registration process.

Please note that you should register for one course per category in each term, i.e., one course from category 1, one course from category 2, and one course from category 3.

On-Campus Residence and Off-Campus Housing

If you are interested in living on campus, you can apply for Carleton residence here.
This link also has information about off-campus housing.

I have questions about the tuition cost for Engineering Practice

You can use the Fee Estimator Tool.

Please use the fall 2023 and winter 2024 options in the tool and choose the ‘Master of Engineering’ option.

Note that your tuition will be the same no matter how many courses you are registered in.

Payment deadline

You can find the payment deadline, as well as all important dates and deadlines Carleton Academic Dates.

Other questions

You can find answers to most of your tuition fees and payment related questions here.

Specific questions about your tuition fees should go directly to Student Accounts.


We are investigating the possibility of implementing these co-op or internship element in this program in the future.