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Engineering Practice is a coursework only, two-year full-time/year-round program, which has been specially designed to provide you with a combination of discipline-specific technical courses and complementary studies tailored towards accelerating your transition into Canada’s engineering job market upon graduation.

Course Structure

Coursework for Engineering Practice (Civil Engineering) is uniquely structured into the following four categories:

1. Four Stream-Specific Technical Courses (out of eight available courses) – 2.0 Credits

*Delivered in collaboration with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • EGEN 5100 Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Design [0.5 credits]
  • EGEN 5101 Design of Steel Structures [0.5 credits]
  • EGEN 5102 Masonry Behaviour and Design [0.5 credits]
  • EGEN 5103 Pavements and Materials [0.5 credits]
  • EGEN 5104 Traffic Engineering [0.5 credits]
  • EGEN 5105 Foundation Engineering [0.5 credits]
  • EGEN 5106 Fundamentals of Fire Safety Engineering [0.5 credits]
  • EGEN 5107 Design for Fire Resistance [0.5 credits]

2. Three Compulsory Complementary Courses – 1.5 Credits

  • ECMP 5000 Engineering Communications [0.5 credits]
  • ECMP 5001 Project Management [0.5 credits]
  • ECMP 5002 Research Methods, and Professional and Ethical Practice [0.5 credits]

3. Three Optional Complementary Courses (out of six available courses) – 1.5 Credits

  • ECMP 5003 Entrepreneurship [0.5 credits]
  • ECMP 5004 Engineering Economics [0.5 credits]
  • ECMP 5005 Data Analytics [0.5 credits]
  • ECMP 5006 Governance, Policy Development and Decision Making [0.5 credits]
  • ECMP 5007 Climate Change and Sustainability [0.5 credits]
  • ECMP 5008 Risk Analysis [0.5 credits]

4. One Research Seminar Course – 0.0 Credits

  • ECMP 5009 [0.0 credits]

*Applicants must have previously completed an undergraduate degree in civil engineering to be eligible for admission to Engineering Practice (Civil Engineering).

Entrance Requirements

1. In order to be eligible for admission, applicants must have an undergraduate degree in an engineering or equivalent field with “B+” or higher in the honours subject and “B” or higher overall.

2. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for International Students Admission Requirement

3. Language Proficiency for International Students : CAEL, CAEL-CE,TOEFL iBT,IELTS (Academic),Pearson Test of English (PTE) (Academic).

4. References : At least two academic referees.

5. Statement of Intent 

6.Transcripts : Official transcripts of the applicant’s entire university record must be sent to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs. All foreign documents, e.g., transcripts, must be translated into English and be notarized.

*Here is the guide to submitting your documents.

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