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Faculty and Staff / Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris

Assistant Professor
    Phone:613-520-2600, ext. 7090
    Building:Mackenzie, Room 4514A
    Department:Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
    Degrees:Ph.D. (University College London), MPhys (Univeristy of Leeds)


    Research Interests:

    • Mechanical Properties of Cells and Tissues
    • Biological Polymers
    • Tissue Engineering

    Andrew Harris joined the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering as an Assistant Professor in 2021. Andrew earned his Ph.D. at University College London working in Professor Guillaume Charras lab. His Ph.D. research focused on using precision tools such as Atomic Force Microscopy to characterize the mechanical properties of single cells and simple tissues. Intrigued by the origins of cell and tissue mechanics, Andrew joined Professor Daniel Fletcher’s lab at the University of California Berkeley as an EMBO and HFSP postdoctoral fellow.

    His current research interests are focused on studying how subcellular networks of polymers and proteins endow cells and tissues with the mechanical characteristics that are critical to their physiological function. This interdisciplinary research involves developing new tools and techniques to measure cellular mechanical properties, with a view towards understanding the origins of disease and developing new therapeutic approaches.

    Research Website: