Photo of Peter X. Liu

Peter X. Liu

Professor, P.Eng.

Degrees:Ph.D. (Alberta)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1774

Canada Research Professor in Interactive Network Computing and Tele-Operation

Awards and Distinctions:

  • Carleton University Research Achievement Award 2016
  • Fellow of Engineering Institute of Canada (FEIC) 2015
  • Canada Research Chair in Interactive Network Computing and Teleoperation 2013
  • Carleton University Research Achievement Award 2007
  • Province of Ontario Early Researcher Award 2006
  • Carleton University Carty Research Fellowship 2006

Research Interests:

  • Interactive networked systems: teleoperation, telerobotics and telehaptics with applications to telemedicine
  • Haptics with applications to medical simulations
  • Robotics, control and intelligent Systems
  • Context-aware smart networks
  • Wireless sensor networks