The fourth-year capstone project is an integral and important part of the undergraduate program in Carleton’s Faculty of Engineering and Design. It represents an excellent opportunity for teams of students to develop professional-level experience by applying, honing, integrating and extending previously acquired knowledge and skills in a major engineering design project. The Faculty has a 25-year history in administering and evaluating fourth-year capstone projects. In fact, Carleton was the first university in Canada to adopt team-style projects.

Recent donor funded fourth-year capstone projects have included:

  • A net-zero energy tiny home, the Northern Nomad, designed and built by undergraduate students exploring ways in which new and innovative smart home technologies can be integrated into a sustainable building to optimize energy and water efficiency
  • the development of a telepresence robot (iTad) capable of moving around various environments, interacting with its surroundings using an arm, and remotely connecting patients and medical staff using an on-robot display
  • a project called From Buckets to Rain Barrels, aimed at addressing chronic water shortage issue within the rural community of Londgido, Tanzania

The most challenging aspect of these projects, beyond the time commitment, is resources. Alumni and friends of the Faculty established the Capstone Design Project Fund to help students purchase the material and equipment they need.

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