The Faculty of Engineering and Design recognizes our role in sharing the responsibility for ensuring a safe working environment at Carleton University and actively ensures the development, implementation and maintenance of health and safety programs within our Faculty. This committee is created in support of Carleton University’s Environmental Health and Safety Policy.

The Faculty of Engineering and Design’s Health and Safety Committee reviews health and safety issues, discusses them and operates in an advisory fashion towards recommending corrective actions to the Dean of Engineering and Design. All units within the Faculty are represented in membership on this committee and members may be contacted at any time regarding a health and safety issue.

Name Department / School Title / Responsibility Telephone Location
Jacques Albert Electronics Professor 5578 MC 7068
Catherine Bonier Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism Assistant Professor 2816 AA 412
Christopher Clarke School of Information Technology Network Administrator 2907 AP 230G
Stanley Conley Civil & Environmental Engineering Manager, Civil & Environmental Labs 7478 MC 2032
Cagla Dogan School of Industrial Design Assistant Professor 5671 ME 3476
James Green Systems & Computer Engineering Associate Professor 2673 CB 6203
Warren Hik Office of the Dean Senior Computer Consultant 5647 ME 4372
Salim Juma Office of the Dean Research Development Officer 1235 MC 3080
Danny Lemay Systems & Computer Engineering Lab Support Manager 5736 ME 4224B
Steven MacLeod Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism Digital Craft Technician 2801 AA 236
Alex Proctor Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Mechanical Workshop Technologist 5665 ME 2157
Abu Syed Kabir Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Assistant Professor 8497 ME 3252
Marie Tudoret Civil & Environmental Engineering Environmental Technician 8293 ME 2432
Rob Vandusen Electronics Technical Officer 5761 ME 4184
Richard Yu School of Information Technology Associate Professor 2978 AP 230H
Walter Zanetti School of Industrial Design Chief Technician 3554 AA 310